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You're a bit vague. But I think you are talking about application back-end datas. This is possible. You may want to use an app like Helium and Dallas Thomas explains how to use it in this article: http://gs5.wonderhowto.com/how-to/back-up-your-android-apps-their-data-without-root-0158767/ In Helium you just select the app data you want, find the apps and ...


Now you're a bit vague when you say data but if I know what you're talking about then I would consider an app called OneNote by Microsoft. You need to have a Microsoft account. Go to Outlook and sign up for an email there. You don't have to use that email. It just links all the Microsoft apps together. Once you have created the email, download OneNote, ...


Yes, you can add the same account to multiple devices. You can even have more than one account on a single device. I personally use my Google account on my Verizon phone, 2 Wi-Fi tablets, 2 Wi-Fi phones, Google TV and several computers. All synced and works perfectly.


No, there's not. You have to manually accept evey software update from every device. Imagine how big of a security problem it would be if you could do that remotely. Of course you can ignore updates. They'll ask you for confirmation to install them, so you can just say no and be done with it (recent versions will allow you to block the notification if you ...

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