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Solution 1: Just play it If you are an KitKat user that just wants to listen the music, regardless of recognizing it on the best way (like showing ID3 tags, allowing to modify files etc.), just use Es File Explorer. So you can see the folders on SD Card, long press on some folders choose to and play it or to add to playlist, all using embedded music player. ...


Well, It is not a direct answer for your question, but since you are using a "Gingerbread device" that probably uses "mass storage", Winamp or MusicPlayer will do the work for you.


Yes, there is. MortPlayer Audio Books and Smart AudioBook Player have both been verified by me to have asked feature implemented. Some details: MortPlayer Audio Books is completely free (it displays ads, but these can be... disabled in settings), but offers an enormous number of options, settings and preferences, which can overwhelm many of fresh users; ...


Try these: If there is a hidden file named .nomedia in that particular album folder >>> (unhide the file and delete it). Move the folder into some other directory and refresh library. Check whether .mp3 files have proper tags (IDv3 tags) >>> (or else they go to unknown album category).

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