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You may have found this answer or another one by now but a simple way to achieve this (as long as you don't want to use the shuffle function) is to manually create a playlist and add each song multiple times. Example (.m3u playlist in same directory as music): #EXTM3U a.mp3 a.mp3 a.mp3 a.mp3 b.mp3 b.mp3 b.mp3 b.mp3 c.mp3 c.mp3 c.mp3 c.mp3


It looks to me like this would set each song as it's own individual album. Fixing the issue you're having but not accurately identifying the album.


Downloaded songs as in songs you purchased? Yes, their should be MP3 files you saved somewhere and they should show up in PowerAmp or can be imported. If by downloaded songs you mean Google Play licensed content, streams or cached music, no, you cannot play them with a different player.

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