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I'm using this apk to play music. To multi select songs, just go to all songs, and tap the button on top right upper corner, and you'll get check boxes by each song where you select them and click play.


If you are downloading something you have physically purchased from the play store, it should be under /sdcard/Music in mp3 files, unless Google has changed their policy recently. If you have downloaded it with All Access then it is not available for you to copy so it would be saved in the app's data encrypted so it would be completely useless to you.


If the stock music app is confined to internal storage [sdcard] and can access any directory in /sdcard that contains media you can try a bind mount between the [media containing directory] in your otg-device and a specified new directory in /sdcard mkdir /sdcard/more-tunes su chmod 755 /sdcard/more-tunes mount -o bind /path-to-otg-device/tunes ...


MortPlayer will play your .m3u playlist after extracting it using the above program.

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