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It is not possible to merge them to one playlist. However you can sync local files to one playlist. To do that follow the steps below: Note: This will require that spotify is installed on one of your computers and that your Android device is on the same WI-FI network as your computer. Steps On your pc open Spotify, and go to Edit -> Preferences. ...


I solved this problem by going to settings->More->Application manager->All->media storage. I tapped over media storage then clear data. the I tapped over the back button. And went to settings->More->Application manager->All->My Files. I tapped over it too then clear data. Then I restarted the phone. And it worked.


I'm using Rocket Music Player. It has all the features and option you asked in your question like Prev, Next, Random, Forward-Rewind(Track bar control), Repeat. Additional Options: You can even access the player's Playlist, Go to Album, Go to Artist, Add to Playlist, Delete, Ringtone from the lock screen itself by clicking the three dots at the bottom ...


I found the solution to this. As I said in my question, the problem is that all my songs had their Album Title set to "Unknown" or simply not set. To fix this, you have to change the Album Title to something unique. Here's what I did to fix this (automatically, for all of my songs in a single click): Download mp3tag. Drag all of your songs into the ...

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