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Downloaded songs as in songs you purchased? Yes, their should be MP3 files you saved somewhere and they should show up in PowerAmp or can be imported. If by downloaded songs you mean Google Play licensed content, streams or cached music, no, you cannot play them with a different player.


I'm not sure at what point it was added, but it is now possible to mute turn-by-turn navigation. This is not exactly ideal (I'd prefer to have the directions come out of the phone speaker and not pause Bluetooth), but it will do the job. Google provides instructions here: You can silence voice navigation by touching the mute button. Open the ...


In correct album art If you are seeing the cover of another album with a similar or the same name check that you have the album artist tag filled appropriately for each album, some players can't handle such files correctly without this tag. As already mentioned check for embedded album art and be consistent use either embedded album art or AlbumArt.jpg. ...

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