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After trying multiple music players, I found that Neutron Music Player will play all of the mp3 files that were otherwise unplayable!


AIMP play opus on Android.....


As already suggested your files are most likely wrong tagged or not tagged at all. In order to be recognized by apps relying on meda scanning, mp3 files need to contain at least a valid "title" id(3) tag. On linux you can check your file with the tool "eyeD3" which can be installed on debian based distris from the package: eyed3 A simple: eyeD3 ...


If it doesn't turn up in the library even after a reboot (which should definitely have triggered the media scanner to add it to the library), the only reason I can think of is some .nomedia file being in the path. You can try to analyze that (finding whether there is one), or... There are media players not using the library, mainly for FolderPlay & ...


Wikipedia has a list of DAAP clients for all platforms.


DAAP is developed by Apple, and they don't license it to Android devices. The handful of players you found have reverse engineered the DAAP protocol (or an older version thereof), but no 'official' publisher can publish it with permission of Apple.

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