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Use AIMP work great... No root need.


It looks to me like this would set each song as it's own individual album. Fixing the issue you're having but not accurately identifying the album.


My Gallery didn't show my SD card pictures anymore after Xperia update to 6.0.1. After multiple reboot attempts and ejecting the SD card once I found that the Gallery App has the following under its settings: Help > Find and fix problems (paraphrased from my German version) After running this, everything is OK again. Note: Files were always visible ...


Just download Soundabout app from Play Store. It will force the media to use Earphones and then delete the app. I was facing the same issue and then I tried this. Perfectly worked!!!


Yeah, album art caching sucks.. I know exactly what you're going through. But I'm pretty sure I have a working solution for turning off auto-relation. You may or may not need root, depending on if your album cache is stored on /sdcard/Android (which usually is the case) or in /data/data. Go into /sdcard/Android/data/ ...


The first thing that comes to mind is network-based sharing. A common solution is Plex. Ideally you would install Plex Server on a device that is on 24/7, like a NAS/router/home server. Then install Plex Clients on each device and connect with the Server. The added advantage is Plex allows connections from over the Internet if you configure it to do so. ...


This issue has been driving me insane. It's happened previously on Samsung Galaxy S4 and again on my S6 edge. Issue: Images missing from Gallery app or Music missing from music player app. Having tried everything from using ES explorer to move files to wiping the cache partition, there's a simple solution: Plug your device into a PC. Identify the ...

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