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Certain players have an "audio focus" setting that will allow it to ignore other apps and actions. I found Rocket Player and Poweramp are two of them.


Well, It is not a direct answer for your question, but since you are using a "Gingerbread device" that probably uses "mass storage", Winamp or MusicPlayer will do the work for you.


Try these: If there is a hidden file named .nomedia in that particular album folder >>> (unhide the file and delete it). Move the folder into some other directory and refresh library. Check whether .mp3 files have proper tags (IDv3 tags) >>> (or else they go to unknown album category).


Assuming your SD card is not damaged or corrupted, it seems that media scanner has not picked up your media! You could try an app like Force Media Scan to force it to run. NOTE: I have not tested this app. There are many apps to do this this one has a widget for it (also not tested by me). Some applications like PowerAmp will automatically scan for media ...

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