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I bet the files are there, but you don't have a music app that will support .flac files, so they don't show up as visible. I use one of 2 apps: Airdroid, or ES File explorer to transfer files wirelessly. Both of these apps seem to assist in ensuring the files get to the proper place on the OS filesystem.


An incomplete song play is mostly due to the corrupt file which you have downloaded. Although it may show around 7Mb for a file but if the file is corrupt then it won't play any part of it or in some cases just plays the start and skips to the next. What exactly a corrupt file is A corrupt mp3 file means that some audio bits and tunes are missing or ...


I had this problem. The song worked fine in iTunes, but not in Google Music. The song has an audio glitch in it from recording it from a burned CD, and that is around the spot where the song skips. It's not the MP3 or the song; it's something about Google Music doesn't like the song. My work around: I made an AAC version in iTunes, uploaded that, and it ...

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