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It's the direction we are facing when holding the device in front. https://github.com/osmandapp/Osmand/issues/1476


You can display drawer into right side by setting up gravity to end on drawer view. android:gravity="end" Lock drawer by mDrawerLayout.setDrawerLockMode(DrawerLayout.LOCK_MODE_LOCKED_CLOSED, GravityCompat.END); Open Drawer if (!mDrawerLayout.isDrawerOpen(GravityCompat.END)) { mDrawerLayout.openDrawer(GravityCompat.END); } Close Drawer if ...


You may have to live with lollypop for awhile. I think next version of android M will fully support ext. sdcard. This newbie would try if your device supports usb otg flash dygrive for temp solution. My 2 cent opinion. Good luck

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