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On WiFi, you only have the IP address of your local network, that's completely normal. rmnet interfaces are for mobile data – which would explain why you don't see them on a WiFi only device. rmnet interfaces are usually associated with cellular connections and usb tethering from: Android NetworkInterface. What are the meanings of names of ...


It is pretty simple. For this you need an app that shows signal of different router ( or channels). I recommend you this app which is free on play store. I have tried this app in my hostel. You can see every detail of every router near by you even of same SSID. There you can choose which router to connect.


Drag the notification bar and long press the wifi icon. Now you can see the list of available wifi. Choose which one you need to connect and then type the password(if exists)


I use an app called wifi connection manager. Do you have physical access to the router? If so, you could goto "advanced" in the wifi menu then use WPS to connect to the router by pressing the WPS button on the router.

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