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Check this : http://androidforums.com/threads/set-up-static-ip.503213/ if doesnt work or you can't find it, for dns, set Google dns. Example : Dns1 : Dns2 : hope this helps.


you need sniff packets when open one URL on browser, so, use Burp Suite (with setting proxy between android device and burp proxy) also you can use Wireshark for sniff packets and receive send/receive packet between Client/Server, and , finally receive ip's. i hope, this help you.


Starting from Android 4.3 JellyBean, it's possible to scan WiFi access points even if the WiFi is off. It's called "Scanning always available" From PCMag.com, As those who have taken a spin around the Android 4.3 ROM have noticed, Google has made a change to devices' Wi-Fi settings in Android 4.3. "To improve location accuracy and for other ...

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