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You want to enable Wireless Isolation mode. On the Linksys this is called AP Isolation. From WirelessIsolation.com: Wireless Isolation, sometimes called client isolation, is a setting on a wireless router. When this setting is enabled it prevents a computer that is connected to the network by a wireless connection from accessing computers and ...


Try ES File Explorer. It can access user shared folders + administrative shares.


Yes, tcpdump is an administrator-level application (I highly doubt there will ever be an Android permission level to view all other apps' network traffic). Once rooted, if you have tcpdump binary (compiled for your device's cpu type) on sdcard, try: su mount -o remount rw /system/ cd /sdcard cp ./tcpdump /system/xbin Now you can use tcpdump command. ...


Try those electrostatic-proof bags like you get hard disks in - you can press buttons too. Need more attenuation? put it in more bags. Go walk testing around the office. If you put it in Airplane Mode or the other 'tricks' suggested - the mobile signals a DETACH to the network - it is a controlled clear down - not at all like driving into a tunnel. We use ...

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