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For unrooted devices I know this is a late answer, but as all existing answers suggest that USB reverse tethering is only possible if either your device is rooted or has system support for reverse tethering, I though it'd be worth pointing out there's one more option: I was looking for a reverse tethering solution that would work on my unrooted devices and ...


A way to dynamically get the PID of the dhcp process, and kill it altogether, would be to run: su var=$(ps | grep dhcp) kill $(echo -n $var | cut -d " " -f 0) Specifically: line 1 asks for root permissions; line 2 assigns the output of ps (which lists the active processes), filtered by grep with the keyword dhcp, to the variable var; line 3 calls kill ...


The way to launch the Ethernet Activity of the Settings, is to issue: am start -n\$EthernetSettingsActivity in a terminal. By the way, the method to obtain an unrefined list of all the activities in an app, is to extract such data directly from the AndroidManifest.xml. Luckily, we can accomplish this with the following ...


If you don't mind with the solution not being an app, then you can use iptables. They are included in the AOSP kernel. You can access them by downloading a terminal app off of the app store. You might however need root for this. The usage of iptables on android should be same as the ones on desktop Linux, so you can look up some GNU manual for it.

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