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Android 5.1.1 supports IPv6. Here you han a screenshot of the console ‘netstat’ command ( You can also check this typing ‘what is my ip’ on Google and observing whether you have an IPv4 or an IPv6 coming back (only in IPv6 WiFi networks obviously). Turns out that DHCPv6 is not necessary after all ...


In this case the Android versions, or devices themselves, are largely are not relevant to the answer. The second phone cannot use the first phone's mobile data directly, it must use it via tethering. Activate the mobile/portable hotspot on the first phone and use the WiFi on the second phone to connect to it just like any other WiFi network. The preferred ...


Yes, you can achieve the desired result bu removing your SIM card and connecting your phone to WiFi. But using a SIM card and using only internet network and not telephone network is not possible.


For unrooted devices I know this is a late answer, but as all existing answers suggest that USB reverse tethering is only possible if either your device is rooted or has system support for reverse tethering, I though it'd be worth pointing out there's one more option: I was looking for a reverse tethering solution that would work on my unrooted devices and ...

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