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First you will need a multipath TCP enabled Nexus 5, which means: rooted with Android 4.4 with the kernel developed to enable MPTCP (available here) Then you will need to subscribe as an alpha tester for an app that lets you use WiFi and cellular network at the same time. Note, though, that it is deprecated. You can find all the useful links at the end ...


Don't waste your time trying to hide your hot spot - you can't really. What you CAN do however is to require a password to allow a connection TO your hot spot. In some cases, not sure here as I do not have your device, it is possible to lock the hot spot and only allow connections from one (or more, if there are others who also need to connect) specified ...


In your mobile network settings ensure that data in roaming is enabled and working. Secondly, the data channel option will be there in the mobile while addressing the APN and advanced settings. In that option you choose your service provider channel.


In wireless Networks settings- check the following: Make Sure "Guest Policy" is disabled or Unchecked and In Advanced Option: WPA Mode is selected "WPA2 Only and Encryption is selected "AES/CCMP" only

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