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Did you backup/restore your settings to/from Google? If so, that's why you can connect to these wireless networks. One of the things that gets backed up is the wireless network passwords so when you restored them back on your new device it is able to connect. Android has built in backup functionality. It offers to backup settings (including wifi settings) ...


Most of these permissions are used by Google Now and the new features they will be bringing out after Google I/O and the upcoming Android L Release. I'm not sure about why they need a lot of these permissions, but I will explain the ones that I know about. Feel free to edit the answer to improve it. I have listed all the sub permissions as listed in the ...


Nexus 4 does not officially support USB OTG. But rooting and modding the software can do the trick. Here's a handy guide I found!


The Nexus 4 doesn't officialy support USB OTG. It is possible with a custom kernel. But for this you need to unlock your bootloader.

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