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I've finally managed to restore the contents of my previous database on my current device and I will explain how. The idea was to copy the backup of /data/data/ from my previous installation, to an Android Virtual Device, back it up there using SMS Backup & Restore in XML format, then restore that XML backup on my device. ...


Here's what needs to be done: Launch Settings app → go to Sound & notification → tap Other sounds and slide leftwards the switch for Vibrate on touch to disable the latter. (Click an image to enlarge it)


I have the same problem once a week and have a little different solution (workaround): Unplug the phone from the charger Press and hold the volume down button plus power button for 15 seconds Plug it into the wall-charger (while still holding both buttons!) -> the red light should start to blink. After 4-5 blinks release the buttons Wait some seconds and ...


Happened to me. Just try turning it off and on. (The whole phone)

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