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I think the first answer (by June Lau) misses the point - the question was about sharing files between different users on the SAME device. I have been using subdirectories that I created within android/obb with success. In my Nexus 7 tablet the exact path is /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/. The issue is that the media browser does not see files in there, so ...


To enable LTE, you run a older build of the modem firmware or a hybrid custom build. They might have security issues theoretically. Practically, the only downside is you might have lower battery life. LTE on Nexus 4 is only supported on Band 4. Make sure your carrier uses that band for LTE. If you experience any issues with the modem, you can reflash the ...


Ok, I've found what was a problem thanks to that thread : Nexus 4 Stuck at boot screen after replacing the LCD/Digitizer, I've forgotten to attach the headphone connector, after I've done it, it begun to work.

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