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Here's what needs to be done: Launch Settings app → go to Sound & notification → tap Other sounds and slide leftwards the switch for Vibrate on touch to disable the latter. (Click an image to enlarge it)


I have the same problem once a week and have a little different solution (workaround): Unplug the phone from the charger Press and hold the volume down button plus power button for 15 seconds Plug it into the wall-charger (while still holding both buttons!) -> the red light should start to blink. After 4-5 blinks release the buttons Wait some seconds and ...


I've finally managed to restore the contents of my previous database on my current device and I will explain how. The idea was to copy the backup of /data/data/ from my previous installation, to an Android Virtual Device, back it up there using SMS Backup & Restore in XML format, then restore that XML backup on my device. ...


Happened to me. Just try turning it off and on. (The whole phone)


Remove your Google accounts from your phone, clear data for contacts and phone app. Delete your personal contact information (access it from notifications), then restart your phone and re-add your Google account.


Did you try booting into safe mode once (powerbutton then long tap power off). After starting in safemode, restart into normal mode. Had the issue, and this worked for me.

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