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Did you backup/restore your settings to/from Google? If so, that's why you can connect to these wireless networks. One of the things that gets backed up is the wireless network passwords so when you restored them back on your new device it is able to connect. Android has built in backup functionality. It offers to backup settings (including wifi settings) ...


You can connect to your wifi even if it has password with the WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup). if WPS is currently pressed or on in your modem other device could connect to the network without using the password..


I'm sure this is not exactly the answer you're looking for, but this could solve your problem: If your Nexus works fine otherwise, why don't you just plug a mouse and keyboard (via USB OTG or Bluetooth) and pretend your Nexus does not have touch screen? Anything, including allowing USB debugging would work as the mouse cursor is even usable when your phone ...


I know it's too late. but I just had the same problem. I tried to connect my android phone LG Google Nexus 4 with my Macbook pro. In USB computer connection only "Camera (PTP)" was working but Connect as Media device (MTP) to copy files from Android phone's memory nothing was visible in the mac. And I got it solved from the following URL ...


This worked for me! Verizon: SOLUTION: Go to Google Play website and download the FREE app SOUNDABOUT. Install and then play some music or don't. Check the "WIRED HEADSEAT DETECTION" box off within that app. Sound should resume. Once you do that, you can check it back on and it will be fine. Sound might be lost everytime you plug in a headset. Good luck! ...


I wanted to be able to use ADB's ability to simulate touch input to pair a bluetooth mouse to my phone, but it does not seem like this is going to be possible because I am running 4.2+ which requires RSA fingerprint authentication... which none of my computers have permission for. I will order a USB 3-way Y cable and use a hack version of USB OTG to plug in ...


The best way is to create or import your contacts under Google account. You can add both Email or Facebook info under each contacts. You can also log in to Facebook app and sync Facebook contacts. Same name will be linked automatically and you may need link manually for the remaining contacts.


Most of these permissions are used by Google Now and the new features they will be bringing out after Google I/O and the upcoming Android L Release. I'm not sure about why they need a lot of these permissions, but I will explain the ones that I know about. Feel free to edit the answer to improve it. I have listed all the sub permissions as listed in the ...


I solved a similar problem on a Galaxy SII with a transfer on the phone's memory of all applications stored on the micro SD card. It's very frustrating to be forced to use the small memory of the phone when you bought a card with a lot of memory… But I know two owners of android phones who suffers of the same issue, solved in the same way.


I have seen some other reports avlbout 90 degree compass deviations, and they were reported on android 4.4.3. Now that was an extremely short lived version. On 4.4.4 the problem vanished. So I am still convinced that this was a 4.4.3 problem.


So I combined what you asked for into a single task. You'll first create a profile which triggers when a state changes. You'll select Display State and chose off. Tasker can't actually able to tell if your screen is locked, only on or off but we can get around that as long as we know the time it take for the screen to lock.The task is as follows: Wait ...


Nexus 4 does not officially support USB OTG. But rooting and modding the software can do the trick. Here's a handy guide I found!


The Nexus 4 doesn't officialy support USB OTG. It is possible with a custom kernel. But for this you need to unlock your bootloader.


CallRecorder from XDA this is the only APP that allowed me to record my conversations properly, I own a Samsung SGH-i537 (S4 Active) and Samsung decided not to allow native recording for it, so you HAVE to root your phone before installing this APP (in the link there's a trial version so you can see if it works on your phone).

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