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Looking at your issue related to battery and charging (which may not be the sole cause- I am not familiar with Nexus devices) Since you barely used it for an year, it would not have been charged either and the battery could have discharged to very low levels. Li Ion batteries have a protection circuit that kicks in when the discharge falls below a certain ...


It could be either sideloading or installing a version that previously wasn't locked to particular devices, yes. Given that it's available for your other device, it doesn't seem like it would be location-related. APK Mirror is generally the best place to get apps for sideloading, or you could install it on your other device and then copy it off if that ...


As i didn't find any solution neither on the internet nor here, i've desided to just flash my tablet using image from google, it helped. Edit: Factory images for all nexus devices can be found at this page, it contains simple to follow instructions on how to flash your device as well as images. Take care though failure during flash can brick your device

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