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OEM device-info? I found plenty of confirmation of what I suspected which is a corrupted bootloader. Look at Google issue here, here, and here. OK what you need to do is. Download a factory OTA for your device.Here is a collection of OTA's but verify md5 to be sure. Take OTA for the OS you currently have get the upgrade. Based on your other post recovery ...


Connect your Nexus 7 to Mac via USB cable. Now go to Settings -> Developer options and turn On the USB debugging. If you don't see Developer Options under Settings then, go to Settings -> About Tablet and tap on the Build Number multiple times (7 times) to enable the Developer Options.


I had the same problem because I had enabled "Sync last 30 days" for the All Mail folder in account settings → "Manage labels". Apparently there is some bug which makes it sync everything but the last 30 days? I disabled the sync for that folder and refreshed it a few times until went blank and actually reloaded all mail, including today's. When I ...

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