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I would leave a comment but I dont have enough reputation. I found this question and the first answer maybe shows a possible solution posted on xda. For this you need root. Download & install a Terminal Emulator on your Android Tablet. Run the Emulator & enter the following commands: dhcpcd usb1 setprop net.dns1 The ...


Actually Nexus 7 battery is easy to change. The back is easily carefully pried off, the connector inside comes undone without much effort. I replaced my battery with a new one still it only recharges to about 50% then begins to discharge. I'm going to try a slightly stronger charger. Though even fully powered off and charging over night did not increase ...


Try flashing the stock recovery img using twrp or flashify. I'm sure you are rooted.


Use the Nexus Root Toolkit. It is the easiest method, and will walk you through all the steps (setting up drivers, etc.) Here's a link: http://www.wugfresh.com/


Enable it from the Owner user then it is enabled for all secondary users

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