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Well, NFC is integrated in your phone, you must check in settings, another thing in spite of you can open ISIS, now soft card, or another form of contactless payment, if you don't have this technology or if you have NFC off in your phone, the payments will no works.


NFC payment support is still pretty hit and miss in the UK. "Cash on Tap" and "Quick Tap" seem to be just pre-pay NFC cards you can load into your phones NFC chip, and not many phones are supported (your HTC One X is not). If you have a BarclayCard, you can get a "Barclaycard PayTag NFC" sticker for your phone which seems like a better solution since it ...


A more generic answer, not specific to the UK alone: As Ross pointed out, there is not "one specific app to rule them all". That payment stuff is very much vendor-specific – whith "vendor" meaning the company dealing with the payments. Unless several shops/companies join up for a "standard", it might very well be you'd need a separate app for each shop ...


Can you read RFID without NFC? No you cannot. Can you read QR-Code without a camera? You need the right hardware to read codes. For reading QR-code you need an image of the QR-Code therefore a camera. Without a camera you cannot read QR-Code. To read RFID you need hardware to read the code. The hardware needed is NFC, so without NFC you cannot read RFID.


That's not how NFC works. The N stands for "near", and it really means that: the tag has to be touching the back of the phone for it to be read. Sometimes even putting a case on the phone stops it reading NFC tags. If you want something like this, you could buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or later. These phones have a special feature using the phone's stylus (S ...

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