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According to the answer by Michael Roland on same problem on SO, Play Store opening up after scanning a tag is a clear indication that the tags contain an Android Application Record (AAR). A tag containing an AAR will only start the app referenced in the AAR or will open that app's Play Store page. In order to re-use the tags, you should first ...


What exactly do mean you what's the output..? Electromagnetic waves? However assuming you're talking about the frequency of the NFC RFID, then it is 13.56MHz


NFC tags are one type of RFID tags. NFC is a protocol for RFID, which can be understand by more and more devices. You can buy NFC tags on amazon or other websites. What can I do with that tags? You can trigger something when you touch your phone to that tag. For example a NFC tag in your car which turns on Bluetooth, mutes your phone and turns off the lock ...


I finally figured out how to do this, at least on my phone (OnePlus One). You have to first install the Xposed framework, then install this module. In the module configuration, there are several settings, including the ability to disable some or all of the NFC-related sounds. Usual caveats about backing up first apply, since the Xposed framework does some ...

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