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I finally figured out how to do this, at least on my phone (OnePlus One). You have to first install the Xposed framework, then install this module. In the module configuration, there are several settings, including the ability to disable some or all of the NFC-related sounds. Usual caveats about backing up first apply, since the Xposed framework does some ...


Indeed the dual sim version does NOT have NFC. The spec sheet explicitly states that NFC is only included in the 4G LTE model and not the dual sim one. Connectivity: Wi-Fi Yes Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 b/ g/ n GPS Yes Bluetooth Yes, v 4.00 NFC ...


You can check iFixit Moto X Teardown. Looks like it takes up most of the center of the back.


You can try Airdroid as it available even for Ubuntu OS. It is one of the easiest way to transfer from PC to mobile or vice versa. Go to Google Store and look for Airdroid and have it in your mobile. On browser type - http://web.airdroid.com Put in your user name and pass -> Boom you will have complete control of your mobile from your system. If you like ...


This is a limitation of the Tags app that is included in Android by default. The Tags app will display at most 5 lines of text for any text-type NDEF record. You can't get around this limit as it is hard-coded into the Tags app. Consequently, you won't get around using a customized app for that purpose.


This question is a bit of a nonsense. There is no standard pre-authentication step for NFC. The devices just exchange data when they touch. If the software you're using to control what data are transferred requires some kind of authentication step, that's only within that software, so you'd need to use some feature of the software itself to turn that off ...

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