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I had the same issue with my nexus 4 and its definitely a hardware issue for sure...avoid factory reset and rebooting of your phone becoz it wont change anything..but on a temporary basis u can put the display setting of auto rotate on and when there is issue to swipe in portrait you can auto rotate your screen in landscape through an app swipe it and three ...


Sending phone notifications to desktop work because there is a simple framework for the phones, and all your app as to do is listen for that event and echo the message to the desktop. The reverse is significantly harder because there is simply no unified notification framework yet. Every app handles notifications differently. I haven't written desktop apps ...


The implementation of what you are asking is too application-specific to work well for most computer applications, thus the usual (and possibly only) solution you will find is use some screensharing app. All applications handle such notifications differently, so it would be too hard to make it work for all applications correctly.

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