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After a lot of searching, I've found my own answer. The Xposed module "LG G2 TweaksBox" works with the LG Optimus Fuel for reasons unknown and allows changing what's visible in the notification pulldown, as well as the every other option of the module. Hopefully this provides help to others with the same issue.


I presume your device is Rooted. You will need Xposed for Lollipop. Get from here (Official Xposed Lollipop thread) Download, install it and reboot. Open Xposed app and install module named "Restore Notification Ticker on Lollipop". OR manually download from here and install it. Update and Reboot. Done. Now that head up will no longer bother you. Cheers ...


To permanently disable storage notifications, try long-pressing on the notification, go to App Info and uncheck Show notifications. You must do it through long-pressing. If it is un-checkable, hit Force Stop and confirm. This is a known method to get rid of Verizon's persistent Wifi notification: Similar Guide Hope this helps,


Try looking for it in the widegets section and add it from there.

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