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This is possible on Android, at least on Lollipop. The feature is dependent on the Bluetooth headset sending the battery level in the right format. If the headset supports it, you will see an option in the settings screen for the Bluetooth device. The option will be right above the checkboxes for Call and Media audio. If you don't see this option then the ...


I also got the same issue i was in search of answer to that but i found out it is not a malware and we ourself enable it on android devices it is an auto update time check nothing to worry about. If you want to get rid of it, just watch the procedure here http://www.technono.com/your-time-is-close-enough.html


It's the Battery Stamina Mode (Two hands holding the battery). Battery STAMINA Mode builds on the same technology as Extended Standby Mode. You can turn it off if your dont want it in the Power management Settings page. Starting one minute after the screen has been turned off, data traffic is automatically blocked and background activities ...

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