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Once nobody was able to help me, I decided to share the answer I got by myself. I was bored and had nothing to do so I started going here and there trhough the conf. menu and I found out an option to solve it. It's under Developer options. There's an option enabled called Block touch gesture events or something like this. You should just disable it then ...


Since the device is rooted you can install a compatible Xposed Framework1 and then the Xposed module NotifyClean. The app's description notes: You could configure which apps are allowed to create notifications in the top left area, the notification area. If an app creates a notification it will be collected and added to the list. You could deny all ...


Same issue here with Galaxy S5 on Cricket Wireless. Turns out there was an unknown message sitting in the inbox that never showed itself as "new". Once I completely scrubbed the voicemail of all messages including the hidden one, the icon went away. It now works quite well. Doublecheck your voicemail messages.

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