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use: Notification.Builder(context).setFullScreenIntent(pendingIntent, true), manual to make the notification to show full screen


I had a same problem, by uninstall google play service this symbol can be removed


Turns out, we had an old version of Gapps (2 months old). We wiped everything and then installed the latest version of Gapps. That worked! We now have the swipe down menu again and settings gear icon.


I also saw thius notification flashing briefly. As far as I can tell, it is related to connectivity changes (switching from WiFi to mobile and vice versa). For the time being, I've disabled notifications for Play Music but hope they'll issue an update to fix this behavior.


It means that the device is connected to a dock. You can find it described e.g. on this Samsung support page (scroll down to the last third, or Ctrl-F for "dock or cradle").


Just install from "play store" the free application "DropDownStusBar", it worked for me.


If you use a third party launcher you can use gestures for certain functions. For instance, using Nova Launcher Prime, when I swiped down anywhere on my home screen it would bring down my notifications. So that could solve that issue for you. There should be other free alternatives that perform the same function👍🏼 To answer your last question, a screen ...

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