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If you Nova launcher Prime, check whether swipe down gesture is attributed to Quick settings or not. Nova Settings -> Gestures & Inputs -> Swipe down.


Putting the phone in Safe Mode (when swipe down in the status bar, it open the notification panel) Restart the phone in normal mode If this doesn't work, first go in recovery mode and swipe cache and then redo the 2 steps above. I did this after uninstalling the app causing the problem (Sitckmount) and reinstalling didn't recreate the problem (so far). ...


Try to restore your build.prop to original. Worked for me.


Maybe it's some TouchWiz bug and if you can't figure out what's wrong, you could use a third party app called Color Status Bar. It has some themes built-in for notification panels. Or you could also have a look at some modded TouchWiz-like notification app in this XDA thread


It looks like the icon for a telecommunications device for the deaf.


I have just had the same question answered on another forum: Its a notification from Greenify: opening Greenify showed that auto-hibernation was not currently working. Greenify need to ensure that a notification is linked to the appearnace of the icon. If you do not have Greenify installed then the mystery deepens...

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