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Start up Google+ Goto top left corner, to the overflow button (3 dots). Tap on settings Tap on account settings for which account you want to change notification settings. Tap on notification. Change sound file to an empty sound file. (To do that start voice recorder app and record a second of silence, then save and use). This can be done on all ...


I longed press the annoying notification and two optioned appeared. The second option says "ignore messages like this", it dismissed the above mentioned notification.


These are both notifications. To change them or even just find out what they are notifying you about go to Settings > My Device > Sound You can change the "Default Notification Sound" (even choosing silent, but then you won't get any notification sounds) and a little bit lower on the menu you can set distinct defaults for specific samsung apps. There are ...


I had the same problem and today I did find what was causing my problem. It just started yesterday, 2 weeks after I got the phone. And the ONLY thing that was different is that I started using a generic AC charger that arrived yesterday. When I suspected it was the charger this morning, I switched back to the white Samsung charger that came with the phone ...

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