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Yes, you can use a custom ROM on your Android device. You also need a custom kernel, that supports multiboot/multi-OS and you need a special Ubuntu build with ARM and hardware support. It may be hard to find but I don't think it's impossible. reference site: Asus Zenfone Blog


Firelord gave me the tools to answer my own question, by asking me to post a screenshot of DiskInfo, which I have now added below my question. Corrections (if any) to my answer here are welcome. Looking at my DiskInfo, according to my understanding of Linux, I'll make the following deductions: Android 5.0 (ignoring the SD card) consists of the following ...


Looking at my 32gb Nexus 5, it says that I have 26.8gb total space, so about 5gb sounds right. Samsung is also know for having a lot of bloatware on their OS which could be taking up some space. To my knowledge the only ways to free up space from the Samsung apps would require you to root your phone. In terms of running out of memory, it really depends how ...


If the your phone crashes even after flashing a fresh rom, It's probably a hardware issue. Does your phone heat up?

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