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Kudos to @Bruno for a detailed solution and needed files. A much quicker method is listed below, which does not require installing any ROM/Gapps or reboot into the ROM in between steps. You need an external SD card with enough free space to hold all apps+data+photos+etc that are on your internal phone storage. You can skip steps 1-5 if you already have CWM ...


You bricked your device. You could try reformatting with recovery and finding the factory image for your device, then flashing via recovery from SD card (does it take one?) twrp has and always will suck, in my opinion.


I thought I could use my nandroid backup to flash system.img, etc. to overwrite what's there but it's one big .win file. So I looked up the fastboot commands anyways and stumbled on an xda thread about un-bricking TF300s where they used fastboot erase on every mount point then fastboot flashed the stock firmware blob file from Asus' support website. Ran ...

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