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Note: This method requires root access. The credentials of the websites that you allowed Chrome to save are stored in the file Login data which is located inside the data directory of Chrome i.e. /data/data/com.android.chrome/app_chrome/Default/. Certainly, no app or even ADB can access that location and neither Chrome has any provision through GUI to ...


So you have resetted the device? Or was the resetting to factory defaults not working? Boot into the recovery ( volume UP + power button - press both until the screen turns on and release the power button then) and then perform a factory reset from there. This should delete all user data and your phone should restart to the initial startup configuration.


Try to go to the emergency call menu and dial ∗ # ∗ #SERVICE# ∗# ∗ there should be a list item where you can reset the phone to factory settings. On my sony it is Customisation Settings > Reset Customisation.


This just happened to me. Had all the same symptoms as the original questioner. But I think I figured it out. A Warning triangle came up on the Droid (where you see if you have missed calls, texts, etc. Said Action Required for GMail. Opened it up. The message wasn't really clear, but it only gave me two options - Retry and Cancel. Cancel didn't work ...

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