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Use aroma file manager. A file manager which allows u to operate delete anything in recovery mode. So that u can delete the gasture key or the pin data from the root file system U can download it from xda official website


I had this exact same problem on my Galaxy S6 recently. No matter how many attempts I made in different positions, the fingerprint reader decided, as it often does, that it simply wasn't going to accept my fingerprints. Frustrated, I had no option but to continue trying (and failing) to scan my fingers with ever-increasing timeouts because it wasn't giving ...


Well I waited long enough and it finally gave me the password screen.


SOLVED, was driving me nuts, this works folks The following is only applicable when: A Gmail account has been previously set up on the device The account password has been subsequently changed via the Gmail or Google website. From the Home screen, swipe down on the status bar. Tap Account Action Required. From the 'Couldn't sign in' screen, tap Try ...

0 A freshly reset LG phone (like most other Android devices these days) will ask for the Google account it was used with previously. You can bypass by going into accessibility settings and adding a button combo for triggering overview. Then, you use the talkback settings to open a web browser, which lets ...

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