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try turning your phone off taking the battery out for an hour and turning it back on this hopefully will bring back the pattern code. or you can keep trying numbers like 1234 etc


Olright mate you will have to wipe/ reset the whole device to do this Remove the battery. Replace the battery but do not power the device on. Hold down the Volume Down + Menu buttons then press the Power button. Hold the Power button for 2-4 seconds and release it without releasing the Volume Down or Menu button. Your phone will boot into hboot mode. Use ...


If you know the location where the pictures are stored you could always use ADB to pull the files or directory to your pc. This does require you to have usb debugging enabled. So if you haven't I can't help you further, sorry. If you have, you can use this command to pull the folder/files to your pc: adb pull location/of/pictures/* C:\location\on\pc\ If ...


This worked for me : connect usb OTG cable and a regular pc keyboard, then power on.


You can reset the password using Google password recovery. Go here - Account recovery. Follow on-screen instructions: Select I don't know my password. Type your email address. It asks for any previous password you remember (if there is one). Type password & continue. Next screen will be like this - Confirm password reset on my Android XXYYZZ phone. ...

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