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On a side note: This is very suspicious. Anyway, regarding this question: The question is: Can I l get unlock through theses using my google account where I'm not the first user of the device. You can only unlock the device using one of the Google accounts associated with the phone. If you don't know the password or any of the phone's account ...


One possible answer can be that he is killing the application process that is protecting your device. One possible way is that he goes to Settings->Apps->[applock_application] and then Force Stop it. Go to this link for more detail.


He either knows your pin and your pattern or He killed the apps process ( applock ) to bypass the pin or he set "destroy process after user leaves it" in the developer options.


1.From any home screen, tap Apps. 2.Tap Settings 3.Tap the Device tab. 4.Under 'PERSONALIZATION,' tap Lock screen. 5.Tap Screen lock. 6.Confirm your PIN / password, then tap Continue. 7.Tap None.


I'm not sure automatic password detection is available. After all, computers don't really have that function. You still have to select the user/enter username. As far as having the option to lock certain apps automatically when in family mode but unlocked in My mode, upgrade your Android version at least 4.3 (newest is Lollipop 5.0 but that's not available ...


If you have lock screen options grayed out, that's usually enforced by some program that has been granted permission to act as a "device administrator". Most commonly, it's the stock Mail app if you are connecting to a corporate mail server, or some corporate security software you may have been asked to install if you're connecting to a company network. Go ...


In fact, after changing phone language, I should be allowed to set password based on my desired language. Your assumption here is wrong, at least for stock Android. Based from AOSP source code that handles the password input for lock screen, ChooseLockPassword.java, inside validatePassword() (line 292), here is a snippet that will show the "illegal ...


try turning your phone off taking the battery out for an hour and turning it back on this hopefully will bring back the pattern code. or you can keep trying numbers like 1234 etc

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