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In some cases, yes, if your performance issue is not caused by low storage space. The improvement may be temporary, however, as apps can be restarted if they are registered for certain actions or events.


One way of diagnosing the offending CPU hog application is to open your application manager while your CPU Usage bars are overlayed. One by one open each potential suspect (Start with your list of downloaded apps from the app store) and select 'Force Stop' while watching the CPU usage bar. If you get a significant drop then you have found the (or one of ...


If you will choose no background processes your phone will revert ro 1995 Nokia mobile. It will stop all types of notification update and prosser data transmission, your phone will only perform for taking a call or messages from your mobile number service provider. Keep your phone in standard background process until it's not become 2 year old and ...


Assuming your lag is not caused by resource hogging malware (detection and removal covered in malware tag), possible causes (discounting infamous touchwiz :), could be CPU loading Disk I/O Network I/O RAM ( ignoring this going further given 3 GB RAM of your device ) Two apps would greatly help you in identifying the culprit system / downloaded apps ...

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