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Its basically or more often nand flash memory. And this memory is partitioned into various parts like system storage (/system) and user accessible storage (/data) and possibly (in some cases), /sdcard (note that I'm talking about the emulated legacy SD Card, not your expansion slot) and many more. So its the total memory that comes with the phone on SoC is ...


I understand that read/write speeds are dependent on what the phone is, and what the SD card is, but since both are flash memory, I thought the read/write times would pretty much be around the same. That is a wrong assumption. While they're all flash technology, there's a very wide certain in the speed of the storage. A Class 2 SD Card has a minimum ...


Setting limit to phone background process can really improve the performance of your phone. Only, if you open an application, the phone will take a few seconds to load since it will load first the necessary files to be used by a certain apps. Another advantage, you can prolong the battery life since there is no background process running.

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