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If you have a built in gallery app or file explorer delete the photos (locally) on the device via one of these apps (if not install an app to-do so) and then they should stay in the cloud if auto-backup is enabled and ran before deleting them. This "should" work as it's worked with my phone... But I don't have a lot of experience with smart cameras...


The method I've found most convenient for mass deleting images locally is by using an FTP server app to allow access from my laptop. I use Ftp Server on my phone and FileZilla on my laptop, first backing up the images to my laptop, and then deleting them from my phone in the FileZilla interface. Since the images are generally named so they sort ...


Backed up photos are accessible via plus.google.com/photos.


You should be able to plug your phone into your computer and browse your files (probably under a folder called DCIM) using Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer but the file explorer) or Apple Finder. You might need to install the specific drivers for your phone if it doesn't automatically connect. You can then sort your pictures based on date and ...

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