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I don't believe you can, however you could try using the StandOut library to achieve your goal. The StandOut library allows you to have floating windows on the screen. StandOut Library: https://github.com/pingpongboss/StandOut


There is also other ways to do this. Simply download other messenger apps like Nimbuzz to have multiple Facebook accounts. If u need only Facebook's own messenger application,Try these simple steps. It may works. Take the facebook messenger apk. Decompile apk. Decompile android will do this for you. Just change the package name.[from orca.facebook.com ...


Usually in Android,The processes may look the same. But it may do different functions.Inn Your case, GO Weather EX kill the two instance & check if that app works properly and comeback to Settings->Apps->Running page. If again 3 instances are running then Each of them may do different functions

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