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Busybox is a single utility that contains the functionality of many of the basic Unix tools. It's used on most embedded-Linux systems instead of having separate executables for each utility, which wastes space owing to code duplication. There are several Busybox installers available on Google Play, and one on F-Droid. Custom ROMs often have Busybox ...


Take a look at Tasker. It pretty much allows you to automate and set rules for everything on your phone based on times of the day, what apps you are using, your location... You can set a profile to automatically turn your GPS on or off based on almost any condition you can imagine.


Google Docs on Android has no offline cache at the moment. Source The Browser version has this functionality. I hope the Android App get's offline docs too, that would be awesome. :)


New app Location Alert will do this. Never forget another task with Location Alert - now available completely free! Location Alert is a cutting-edge application that reminds you to perform tasks based upon your current location, rather than time. Often there are tasks to which you cannot specify a certain time, however, would like to be ...


If you are already using Locale (which is not free), Astrid is a free task/todo list manager which can be configured to open a list of tasks with a specific tag. Astrid also integrates with Remember the Milk. You can configure the list to open by various Locale conditions, including location. I use it to remind me of maintenance tasks when I'm near the ...


If you don't want to pay for Tasker or Locale, you can use AutomateIt, which is free and has the same idea, though it offers much fewer triggers and actions, it does allow you to enable or disable the GPS when you start or end an app.


Use Producteev with Astrid. Believe me, you'll love this combination. I am recommending Producteev because it features Workspace concept which is useful for your independent projects. Inside a workspace, you can categorize and prioritize your tasks too. Plus, you can collaborate with others on a workspace. But, for more than two guys, you'll have to pay. ...


I like Any.do for task sync + categories and 'do now/do later'. The UI is pretty too. The widgets are a bit large but the app seems to meet all your criteria. The app syncs with Google Tasks right now. Developers plan to extend sync to other services.


Short answer: No. Long answer: I just put my phone into Airplane mode, and tapped the "Docs" icon that I happened to have on my home screen. It showed me a list of my docs! So far, so good. I then tapped one of the docs, and saw a frowny face that said something like "Sorry, can't access this document because I don't have a connection to the Internet".

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