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As I understood what you want is a way to manage multiple devices and add restrictions and do other configurations for multiple devices at once. If so, you can go for a Enterprise Mobility Management System. There are opensource EMMs as well which you won't need to pay.


I will attempt to answer your question step by step: 1) Try to move all of your photo and video to sd card. Not that if you are using os 4.4. You have to use "My file" app that come from factory. Because it prevent 3rd party app to write on sd card. 2) If you have installed facebook app , uninstall it. It consumes almost 5 Mb memory. You can use chrome or ...


The Android for Work app only works with 3rd party EMM solutions. It doesn't work with Google's own EMM which is kind of stupid. As far as I can tell, if you device isn't on the list of supported devices you cannot manage application installs with Google Apps EMM. You can only do things like enforce password policies etc.


My understanding is that this is controlled by the google+ app. according to this xda thread try: Open Setting -> Apps -> All -> Contacts Storage -> Clear Data Open Google+ -> Settings -> Your account (under Account Settings) -> Contacts -> Keep contacts up to date

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