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The reason you set-up with Nexus 6 successfully but cannot set-up with Samsung Galaxy Note pro is because Nexus 6 and only a handful of other devices support Work profile on Android. For devices that don't support a work profile natively, you need to install Android for Work App Before installing this App, uninstall Divide App from Enterproid if you ...


I just kept removing other Google accounts (all in this case) until the one I wanted was listed as owner. Not sure how the owner was changed from the initial Google account. It should selectable.


You can login with another user, by adding multiple user in your Android device. We can Enable Multiple User Accounts on Android 4.2 and Above. Create another User Account by opening the notification by double pulldown notification to get the other quick settings. In that other quick settings, on top-right corner you'll find a round icon. That is Admin ...

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