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I have a Galaxy S4 and use ConnectBot to connect to my SSH server and setup a port forward via the client to port 8080. Then setup Firefox to use the SOCKS proxy by just going to About:Config and entering the following: network.proxy.socks: network.proxy.socks_port: 8080 (or whatever port you chose to forward in ConnectBot) ...


You can use the Drony application to authenticate with your proxy.


"Elite Proxy Finder" can be the solution for your problem (NO ROOT!). It doesn't route all your phones traffic through a proxy server but only the Firefox browser traffic. This app searches proxy servers on the internet and you can search automatically for a new proxy server with only 1 click. It won't affect your WiFi settings. You can find the download ...


"Elite Proxy Finder" can be the solution for you (for download links and information visit www.eliteproxyfinder.webklik.nl). This app searches automatically on the internet for working proxy servers and you only need to setup this app once without rooting your device.


I found out that the "save" button is grayed out if you use a space instead of separating bypassed address with comma. Just use a comma and type the address right after the comma (dont use space after comma!).

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