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There is a Proxy Solution offered by HMA which stands for "Hide my Ass". This is a paid proxy service but is good.


As stated by Lie Ryan's answer, the proxy.pac file is a javascript file. In the Proxy Settings on your Android, you can only enter the address, port number, and sometimes a username and password. What you can do is either ask your SysAdmin for the Proxy Server and Port Number, or just look at the file yourself. On a system that's already on the network, ...


Your http://xxx.com/proxy.pac is not a proxy server, it is the address to a proxy automatic configuration (PAC) file. A PAC file contains a Javascript function that determines which proxy address to use and/or whether you're allowed to go direct when connecting to a particular URL. ProxyDroid (requires root) claims to support proxy configuration using PAC ...


In Chrome Settings there is an Advanced option Reduce Data Usage. It causes Chrome to connect to Google servers to deliver compressed pages. When this option is ON my proxy settings are ignored. When this option is OFF my proxy settings work.


There are good reasons why you cannot use such a combination: routing your VPN traffic via another proxy might compromise it, thus rendering your VPN useless doing it the other way around won't work, as the Adblock proxy then would need to be behind the VPN one – which you cannot establish on your device So what you need is, as you correctly pointed out, ...

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