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Several apps are available on PlayStore for RAM cleanup. The Cleaner is one of them.


I found a tweak that will allow me to manipulate the amount of RAM that is allocated to the Chrome browser on Android. By default the Chrome browser for Android can only access up to 128MB of RAM. This can be tweaked by simply opening the application Chrome Browser and typing the following string in a new tab and tap Enter: ...


While that RAM restriction applies to several low-end devices (which came with less than 512 MB RAM), it is not really the main reason for missing updates. And looking into the custom-rom scene proves that many devices abandoned by their manufacturers (not too seldom for this reason) are in fact supporting newer versions. So when talking about "official ...


I have a HTC Desire and in my case non of the other answers worked. But I solved it in his way. Do not go into the camera app settings. Go into the general phone settings. The path is then... Settings/Storage Here I was able to define the default writing media from internal to SDcard. This includes also the camera app. Now my pictures can be saved either ...

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