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I'd say that is absolutely normal. Because: What benefit would you have if your RAM is empty? You have RAM to be used for caching and hibernating apps. Unused RAM is useless. :-) Do you experience performance issues? Any lag? No? Then the S7's memory management works as it should. :-)


Using a Terminal App, you can see the storage details using comman-line tools: df (short for "disk free") shows you all mounted partitions together with their sizes (and some more details) in an easy-to-read style details about all partitions are held in /proc/partitions, which you could display using e.g. cat /proc/partitions. While being more complete, ...


You didn't name the device, but that's the usual way manufacturers fool their customers without lying: the storage chip has 8GB, but guess where the OS is installed? Looks like on your device, ~4GB are reserved for this (/system). Then there are other partitions on the very same storage chip, e.g. for /recovery and /cache. What's left in the end is /data – ...

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