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This is an alternative solution. You could try 3C Toolbox. This is a veritable toolbox that can do a lot of things. For your need, you need to access DISCLAIMER: The non-root validity of this method cannot be verified by me or @beeshyams. This was confirmed to be working without root in an earlier Android version. If someone can verify that this method ...


Manual methods might be tricky here. I'd recommend taking a look at Greenify, which will take care for such apps automatically (after you've told it so – you're the boss after all ;) Greenify (source: Google Play; click images for larger variants) As the screenshots show, Greenify can "hibernate" apps automatically when the screen is off (and it can do ...


That is because your phone has several partitions, and some of those are not user-accessible, but they are required by the OS for the proper functioning of the device. This storage is "partitioned" from your physical storage. These partitions are as follows: 1) bootloader or variants thereof: About a few MB. Responsible for booting up your device. You can't ...


I know this is an old questions but it comes up first in Google so I thought I would put a simple answer: Settings>Applications>Running services> At the bottom you will see RAM, used and free. Add both number together to get total RAM for the device Cheers

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