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I use Screebl for this. It uses the phones orientation sensors to keep the screen on permanently if it's held at an angle. You can then set the timeout to something very low such as 15 seconds which kicks in when the phone is laid flat.


Google Reader is a cloud-based feed reader service. On top of this service, there are many apps as a front-end to user. E.g.- Official Google Reader apps (Web, Android), Feedly (Firefox, Android) etc. Google Currents is a front-end digital magazine/ newspaper delivery app (with cloud sync) available to Android and iOS (no web interface yet). Google Currents ...


Google Reader Google Reader is a Web-based tool for gathering, reading, and sharing all the interesting blogs and websites you read on the web. It was released by Google on October 7, 2005 and graduated from beta status on September 17, 2007. Is available on any modern web browser with JavaScript enabled. For further information visit: Google Support ...


Install RepliGo PDF Reader and switch to Text Reflow mode. It has one of the best Text Reflow mode till date which displays images too. But, to read codes, you'll have to fight again. Another option: Use ezPDF Reader Lite (or Pro) and use its text column locking feature in landscape orientation (to kick out blank margins and use large device height as width ...


I don't know of a quick way to change this setting while reading, except that some reader apps have a setting which you can turn on which overrides the screen timeout while reading. I believe Aldiko has this setting, but it's been a while since I've used it. Not sure of any other reader apps which have it, but it might be a good suggestion to send to the ...


qPDF Viewer - a free ad-free Android PDF Reader - also has a great text reflow mode. Users can zoom in and out to increase or decrease the font size. Look for "Reflow Text" under the action toolbar "View" menu.


Sounds like a damaged flash card, or a broken file system. If it's a Windows PC, insert the flash card, then press WinKey+R (or go to Start -> Run) and type diskmgmt.msc, then click OK. You should be able to see your flash card within the list, and see if it's got any partitions listed. In this case, I've got a 2GB SDHC card plugged in, which shows up as ...


InstaFetch (Lite / Pro) is a InstaPaper client that has both the ability to download the webpages for offline use, and to read them aloud with the text to speech engine. There is both a free and a pay version. (BTW: For text to speech I use Ivona - it is free for now and produces amazing quality.)

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