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It's a bug in the app. Android has a thing called the media-scanner, which scans newly added files for metadata, so they can be included in media players, photo albums, etc. It relies on the app that creates the file signalling the media scanner process to scan the new file. If the app doesn't do this, the new file won't be added/visible. If you look at ...


TWRP recovery project make it like below maybe this can help case rb_recovery: check_and_run_script("/sbin/rebootrecovery.sh", "reboot recovery"); Github ref


Download the Xposed Module- Samsung KitKat systemserver crash fix. It says it's for a different version but it has stopped every crash/reboot and I'm on the Verizon NG6 update.


It is the fault of power switch. Go to any mobile phone service centre and have it replaced.

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