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As far as I know : no you can't. TL;DR : Closing all background apps is a bad practice. You should close apps that you don't use often or apps you specifically want to close for X reason. IMO, the only good reason to close all recent apps is that you feel like there are too many of them and you can't find an app any more because of the mess it creates. ...


It seems that this CyanogenMod 12 only option, as Andrew T. states he does not have this option in stock Android Lollipop, but I have a little button to clear them all. (Click image to enlarge) It also works with Lollipop 5.0.2 on HTC One M7 with Sense 6 By double-tapping Home button Tap the 3 dots on upper right corner Go to Settings and change from ...


That's correct. That's the only available layout in stock Lollipop. Any alternative Recents layouts would require rooting and/or custom ROMs. The alternative layout you're seeing is HTC's custom layout. OEMs are free to alter it in any way they choose, and many do.


This answer was suggested as an anonymous edit: In the task manager settings, change the view from "cards" to "grid". The close all button remains at the top, as it used to.


For Lollipop do adb shell dumpsys activity recents. For some earlier Android version, run adb shell dumpsys activity activities. Alternatively, you may run adb shell dumpsys activity | grep -i run as noted by loeschg here. You would get a list of recent apps' package name, component (activity) name, flags among other things. In Lollipop, if you've root ...

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