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To install gapps, flash them from the recovery (the same way you installed the ROM), you shouldn't open the .zip file since it is automatically processed by the recovery.


It depends on your PIT partition file. Before you do anything using heimdall, print the partition table of your phone. sudo heimdall print-pit The output of the file is the location assigned to each partition. For example on my Galaxy S3, I have something like this: --- Entry #20 --- Binary Type: 0 (AP) Device Type: 2 (MMC) Identifier: 19 Attributes: 5 ...


I have found sammobile.com a very useful site for finding firmware for samsung devices. I don't think there is an official download site. Here is the firmware for SGH-M919 I have had the same issue before. Just trying the same process again fixed it for me. You can try wiping your cache and dalvik cache but I am not sure if that will make a difference. Then ...

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