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You have rebooted to Download Mode by mistake. You needed to reboot to recovery mode. To do that, follow these steps: Press the Power button until the phone reboots normally. Switch off the phone as normal. When the phone has been switched off, press Power and Volume Up together until the Samsung logo displays, then release. Alternative: Reboot to ...


Boot into your custom Recovery, mount the data partition either using command-line or via GUI, and choose any of the following method: (Note that TWRP already has the option to clear /data without touching /data/media. It uses rm -rf commands1.) Go Immune Make /data/media immutable2 i.e. immune from any modification. You can do so by executing: adb ...


Yes, there is a way. boot the tablet normally enable USB debugging connect to computer by cable from the computer, run adb reboot recovery tablet reboots directly to recovery Done! I was trying to issue this command in Fastboot (where it's not supported) instead of ADB (where it works).

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