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I have no experience with Aroma File Manager, but if you want great file manager with a lot of functions, I can suggest Solid Explorer. It can do a lot without root and if you ever decide to root your device, you unlock a whole lot more functions.


I ended up looking at Cyanongenmod's source code and figured out how they did it. Here is my working .sh script: echo 'boot-recovery ' > /cache/recovery/command echo '--update_package=/sdcard/update.zip' >> /cache/recovery/command reboot recovery


It looks like the CyanogenMod installation instructions for M7 are missing a section for flashing ClockworkMod recovery onto the phone. Right after you unlock the bootloader, you need to do the following: Download and install Android SDK Tools from here (expand the "Download for Other Platforms", and it should be under the "SDK Tools Only" section.) ...


I just did this! /data/property/persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib is a textfile containing one of two values: 'libart.so' or 'libdvm.so'. You can change from ART to Dalvik simply by editing this file. Ex: adb shell 'echo libdvm.so >/data/property/persist.sys.dalvik.vm.lib'


adb sideload does not transfer the file to the sdcard permanently. To sideload correctly, you need to pick that option from the recovery first and then when the phone is waiting for the sideload type, adb sideload <PACKAGE> If you want to push the file to the phone's sdcard, you could try, adb push <PACKAGE> /sdcard/ That should copy the ...


Check that you have USB debugging ticked in developer settings. If that doesn't work I would uninstall all the drivers relating to your phone and start again from scratch. Note that the drivers that are needed while in fastboot can be different to the drivers needed for normal data transfer. I've had all kinds of problems relating to this a with my HTC One ...


the wiki is wrong, i think. the heimdall example shows "--KERNEL" and "zImage" when discussing how to flash the recovery. I'm thinking those options would be for flashing a new kernel, not a recovery image. try either "heimdall --help" or look at a cyanogenmod wiki page for another device to see an appropriate recovery flash command ...this would also ...

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