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Download DU Speed Booster. It has some handy features such as move to SD and Safe Uninstall and will help you out.


Root access (typically) requires several components that work in concert with one another. A somewhat simplified view of what you need is: A native su binary. This can be invoked from the command line or from applications. It is what actually performs the act of switching users, and grants a process root permission. A "gatekeeper" application, that ...


Please flash stock rom using smart phone flash tool stock rom for your device is here http://androidxda.com/download-lenovo-stock-rom-models and direct link is here https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B3H1waZx5Veqa3ItOG1xZWM4U28 please refer http://androidxda.com/flash-stock-rom-using-smart-phone-flash-tool for flashing stock rom


A backup of any partition works by simply copying an image of it to a file. This is accomplished by using the simple command dd if=<path to device eg. sdcard (/dev/block)> of=<path to file to backup to>. The resulting file is (as already written) an image of the original partition which can be explored as a drive on any OS, which features ...


Because CWM does not support your phone model, I assume you should search for an alternative recovery (TWRP, Philz). Most installing methods require something like fastboot or simply flashing an image to your phone, which is hard without a PC (Mobile ODIN may do the job, but I don't know about supported phone's). For custom ROMs search xda-developers for ...


Repeatedly click the power button once you have done the long press to turn device on. This should give you boot options.


Menu key is the okay button for it.


If your recovery supports adb sideloading, you can flash ROM from your computer using the command adb sideload path-to-file.zip. You have to choose the option flash zip from adb sideload then execute that command from your computer. Make sure you have adb drivers beforehand.


I just spent way too many hours trying to fix this same problem when trying to sideload onto my Nexus 6. What finally worked for me: Apply update from ADB in the recovery menu. Once the phone was waiting for the files I unplugged the phone from USB then re-plugged it back into the computer. Then it was there in the device manager and when I did a ...


To update TWRP you can install TWRP manager from the play store. From there you can update the recovery. To update ClockworkMod you use ClockworkMod ROM Manager from the play store. Another option, you can install them manually by downloading the recovery image and flash them using adb, or flashify, or some other tool. Latest TWRP (for your device) I do ...


As Ryan commented, you can use fastboot commands to push a recovery image to your phone. download a recovery image for your phone if you don't have one, then connect your phone to your pc and, via the fastboot tool on your computer, type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img where "recovery.img" is the absolute path of your custom recovery image (path is ...


Download the latest Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) image to your SD card. Then download Mobileuncle from the Play Store and use it to flash the TWRP image.

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