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You might have a chance via a custom recovery: boot into recovery-mode and see if adb devices shows your device if not, or if you have no custom recovery, you can "temporarily load one" using fastboot boot recovery.img (this is not guaranteed to work with all combinations, but I had luck with this using twrp on several devices) if it shows up, use adb ...


If the data was not encrypted and not over written, it is technically possible to recover the data using (linux) data recovery tools. It will require a root shell, it can be the one of your main system, one from the recovery system or one from a volatile system you would load from a computer using fastboot binary. You may want to check if you didn't just ...


You can install TWRP with root access without the need of a PC. Download the latest image for your device here. Your phone needs to be turned on. Copy the recovery IMG to the root of your sdcard and rename it to twrp.img. Open a terminal application and execute this command: su -c "dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6" The custom TWRP recovery is ...


To fix the issue with the Stock recovery flashing over TWRP on the boot of the device I recommend trying the fastboot boot "pathtorecoveryimage" command. I have used this and haven't experienced any issues. So try the following: fastboot flash recovery "pathtorecoveryimage" fastboot boot "pathtorecoveryimage" 2.5 It may look like the device isn't doing ...


the checksum prevents of stealing data (put sdcard into someones phone and create a backup). you can not restore to even similar phones. i post the ektoric solution, please download the script from page 2. this skip checksum and makes it restoreable to other phones. root is required but no need to flash custom recovery.


Some of the latest Samsung devices do not boot into recovery on a phone reboot. The device needs to be shut down before. You need to hold Volume Up + Menu Buttons for a few seconds. The power button only triggers the phone startup, do not hold it.

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