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The best recovery for Canvas Nitro is Philz Recovery. Below is the link at XDA for Philz recovery along with installation procedures, etc. Philz Recovery [XDA]


Press the volume down and power button at the same time. If that does not work try pressing all three buttons at once (power, volume up, and volume down)


Download the flash tool and search for "FTF stock images". Find your phone's model number and download at least 4 different versions of the stock Firmware from beginning to newest. Flash following instructions. This will fix this!


you can't remove them with your pc -- they are write-protected. it only works if they're on the external SD.


To install gapps, flash them from the recovery (the same way you installed the ROM), you shouldn't open the .zip file since it is automatically processed by the recovery.


On stock recveries the adb utility only registers that the device is connected when you invoke the sideload utility which gives an error when you try applying adb shell or any other thing...it only accepts push commands to the device. adb also works when your phone is on which is a problem when you have boot issues and can only get to recovery. Best Case ...


I have found sammobile.com a very useful site for finding firmware for samsung devices. I don't think there is an official download site. Here is the firmware for SGH-M919 I have had the same issue before. Just trying the same process again fixed it for me. You can try wiping your cache and dalvik cache but I am not sure if that will make a difference. Then ...


I'm assuming you have a rooted device. Just follow the instructions on this page.


You can get ClockWork Mod Recovery by installing it with the Rom Manager App, from GPlay or here: https://www.clockworkmod.com/rommanager or find TWRP (my personal preference) here: http://twrp.me/Devices/


It depends on your PIT partition file. Before you do anything using heimdall, print the partition table of your phone. sudo heimdall print-pit The output of the file is the location assigned to each partition. For example on my Galaxy S3, I have something like this: --- Entry #20 --- Binary Type: 0 (AP) Device Type: 2 (MMC) Identifier: 19 Attributes: 5 ...


You have to go to download mode by pressing power button, home button and volume down key at the same time. When screen shows download mode, press up volume key and enter in this mode. Now start odin and press PDA key and select TWRP.zip (which should be downloaded already from the net) and now start to flash it. After pass message your phone will be ...


As of 04-01-2015 custom recoveries don't support decryption CM12 yet. It will give you a wrong password notification when trying to decrypt. But you can put the update .zip in /cache. Then in the recovery skip entering the password. And flash from /cache. This works because to access /cache you don't need your password.

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