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Was those picture on your google account? You might have log in to your gmail using his computer and he was able to log back in your account because you're password is automatically remembered and then he access your pictures and deleted them... everything is linked these day, you gotta be careful. Try looking in the trash folder of your google image app


You can try to log in to the Android Device Manager. You need to sign in with you google account (must be the same as on phone). If your phone is still linked to your account and if it is connected to the internet you can fully remotely wipe your phone (= factory reset). If the new owner has already changed the account, you have no chance to delete any ...


Touchscreens are basically two devices. The image to the monitor is usually fed from the tablet via mhl or hdmi. The touch functionality is via usb to the Android tablet or phone from the monitor. You need a dock of some description which provides mhl/hdmi out and also usb into the tablet, unless your tablet has separate ports for these, in which case you ...

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