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I have the same problem with my Samsung Note 2 , so if u want to recover data ( like sms and contacts ) you should use coolmuster http://www.coolmuster.com/android/recover-data-from-broken-samsung-phone.html good luck ;)


try MyPhoneExplorer at www.fjsoft.at it provides you access like a remote does to a tv, and you can use the mouse on your pc as a touch control for android. its not a smooth experience but workable. you can also use to back up device data as well hope this helps.


Use a USB-OTG cable to connect a mouse. You can even make your own by cutting and soldering a microUSB cable to the female end of a USB extension cable.


You could get a USB-OTG cable, which allows you to connect USB devices to Android devices via the USB port (so long as the Android device supports OTG, which the A700 does). If you plug in a mouse you'll get a mouse cursor to work with; you could even use a USB hub to attach both a keyboard and a mouse if you want to type instead of using the on-screen ...

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