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Lg not exist an Efs folder they use if block m9kefs1 .


OK, some googleing later I found Titanum Backup and that it supports restoring selectively from adb backups. I copied the backup to my SD-Card and then restored using Titanum Backup and and just worked. (However I'd still be interested in what I missed in the first place). Note however that the free version does not support restore from adb files.


You can use Helium backup to backup all your chats, groups, etc. Moreover, this app can be used to backup all the applications on your phone. You can store this backup on your PC, and when you reset your phone, you can upload the whole backup folder on your SD card and initiate a restore from Helium app. If you are not rooted, you will need its desktop ...


You should be careful when restoring apps from titanium. That software not only backups the apk itself. It backups the data of the app too. That's all it does. If the app you backup is programmed to run different accordingly to Android version and you change it with another rom and then in your new version you restore the app initialized to work with ...


The best option I found is making unencrypted backups with WugFresh NRT: Turn on airplane mode (not related to encryption, just recommendation in order to prevent sudden changes in data during backup) Make nandroid full backup (select all partitions available, for 'recovery' partion ROOT required) Make data/media backup Turn off airplane mode These ...


There is also another solution. If you download the app "Evernote" on your phone. You will then have two note apps; color note and evernote. Then click on a note you want to keep. On my phone, HTC wildfire, you can press a "menu" button once you've accessed the particular note; And then you can choose "Share" or in my language "Send". You will then be able ...


You can install TWRP for your nexus 5 (just Google it...). It will ask you for your password when you enter the recovery. Then you can do a full backup.

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