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An recent update to MarketMarks has fixed this bug, and it now works as expected. Furthermore, the user can now customize the folder where the backups are stored.


Try backing up the entire Google app, not just the Google Now Launcher as it does not store any data itself. Backing up the Google app (and you can try the Google Now Launcher) in addition to it, should work.


A similar problem happened with me and I try to factor reset a few times. It did not work. What worked was as follows: Factor reset the phone. After setting the language, the phone will ask you to connect to wifi. While connecting with wifi, go to top taskbar, swipe data, and disable mobile data. Once the wifi is connected go through the process and while ...


Check the app you used to backup your internal memory. There should be a restore button in there that will restore the folders back to their original locations. You may have accidently backed up your apps instead of your settings/folders. If you did, then your data is sadly permanently gone. There may also be a setting in the app that lets you choose ...

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