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the blocked numbers don't have any relation with restoring backup or not. they're stored online. so even if you don;t restore backup the numbers will be there in blocked list. please correct me if im wrong.


There is no common desktop in Android. The desktop or the better term, the Home screen and its content changes based on the Launcher currently set as default. Desktop is also no directory in Android unlike traditional Linux distributions where you can simply browse them using command-line or a file manager. Anyhow, most of the Launchers including the stock ...


Set APN of BSNL Internet Settings: Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names (APN) Select or click option button Select “New APN”, or edit the existing APN You need to make changes to: Name : bsnl APN : bsnlnet Authentication type : None APN type : internet Do Not Change other fields, i.e Proxy, Port, User name, ...

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