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If you've already allowed Google Backup to backup your apps, then changing settings before you do the factory reset won't make any difference. After the factory reset, when you next start the device, it'll go through the first-time setup steps again: where it guides you through connecting to a Wi-Fi network and signing into a Google account. On the screen ...


The best way I know (using CM11 as a reference) is to go to Settings -> Backup & Reset and removing the checkmark next to Auto Restore. It may be under another heading on different ROMS so you may need to look around for it. It is best to do this before you do the factory reset.


Stock recovery's don't offer this feature, you would need a custom recovery to backup and restore.


Try using Multi-Mount SD Card Lite in order to mount your Internal SD as well as your External SD as removable devices on your computer. After you do this, you may use Recuva in order to check if any permanently deleted files are recoverable or not. This software will also help you recover as much data as possible from both your Internal SD as well as your ...


You have to go to the path /sdcard/data/colornote/BACKUP/ and there should be the idx and dat files. If you have them and you want to backthem up, it asks for the password. I solved this problem by adding another android device. Take another android phone and install colornote Make a new note and save it Go to settings and turn off AUTO SYNC. Now you can ...


Yes, restoring from backup (like with Titanium Backup) will restore all conversations. App settings will be restored as well, so blocked contacts should stay blocked.

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