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A nandroid backup is a full device backup – so you could ask the same question about a full backup of your PC: After restoring the backup, you'd be at exactly the state the device was in when you performed that backup – all changes done between making the backup and restoring it are lost. Reading between the lines of your question, you're rather asking how ...


Titanium Backup also supports sms/phone backups.


Here is the way you can refer to transfer SMS messages from old iPhone to new Android. Use iCloud to backup your SMS Then connect Android phone to your computer Open the iCloud backup file and copy those SMS to Android phone


For those of you, who the other answers does not work for, here is how it worked for me: In addition to deleting the older message.db.crypt files as described by Arthur, I also deleted the latest "date" file so that only one file (message.db.crypt8) was left. Having those files in the sdcard/WhatsApp folder I (re)installed WhatsApp. Hope this helps.


Have a try in this way: In both the android devices configure Google Play with the same Gmail ID to migrate apps from Android phone to another. Then in your Google Play account purchase list you will have list of all the apps that you have downloaded till date. Just plug the required device and download the app that you require to the device you desire.


I would prefer restore apps using Titanium, for the reason that it gives you total control on which user apps you want to restore. In your case restoring system apps is not a recommended option since you have upgraded OS. It would lead to a mess up. Hence, while restoring choose the option of restoring just user apps with data. Answer how to restore only ...

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