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Although this does not specifically answer my question, I solved my problem. What I wanted to do is to share my internet with my friend via WiFi using my android mobile because my Linux powered laptop doesn't have driver support for creating WiFi APs. Broadcom sucks! I use my mobile phone to create a WiFi network(via hotspot), connect my laptop (source of ...


Actually, Method 1 it is quite easy to do. As implied by this answer, you need more that one network connections for the sharing tag to appear. Short Answer: First, ignore the instruction of your android devide and try to connect to the USB-Internet anyway. This will create a new Network connection and allow the sharing-tab to appear on your PC Network ...


Android phones are designed to manage one WiFi connection at a time. If you have connected your phone to the laptop and want the phone to serve as a hotspot, it would have to manage two WiFi connections (one to the laptop, one as hotspot). This is not possible out-of-the-box. There is, however, an app called FQRouter2 for rooted Android devices which claims ...


Install shareIt app on both devices and the phone will do a hotspot tether with the tablet. SnapShare and SFT apps also perform hotspot tether. If you are doing file transfers the Snapshare does fastest with simultaneous dl's.

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