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I have a ZTE Android phone . I'm having the same problem with phone ring. It comes/goes tho: fine a few days then barely a buzz. I tried most solutions above, but no success in consistency . My hearing is good.Any other suggestions or Solutions? Thanks.


It seems that maybe this would work for you.


I finally found a solution: I deleted all files in /Alarms and /Ringtones and rebooted. Then I copied just one mp3-file to each folder with the built-in file explorer (I guess it does not matter which app you use or if you do it via pc/usb). This mp3-file could be selected in alarm and ringtone settings. My first idea was that one of the files that were in /...


It simply done by having it as an mp3, which is to be put into either the "Ringtones" or "Notifications" folder (please do both to be sure) from the phone's internet storage. If one or both are not present, you can always make the folder yourself then place the files there. It should appear in the right settings menu that's right for it!

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