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Copy to existing Ringtones folder on device, go to choose ringtone and select media storage and amongst the device ringtone selection will be your file


I was having the same issue for notification tones and while troubleshooting it I happened to need to send a picture file over Google HO. The system prompted me to allow access to media (for the picture) and then suddenly custom tones started working. So you might try sending a pic in case this is a case of permissions not being set correctly by Android.


I copied the ringtone to ringtones folder on the phone. And when ever I want to change the tone in sounds and notification, that tone appeared along with the system tones. Simple isn't it?


I had this issue, but only with the Alarm media files. Use a file explorer, like ES File Explorer: Using the ES File Explorer, navigate to the folder you have place your custom alarm media files. Click on the file you want, and in the "Open with" prompt select "ES Media Player" Open the menu in the top right, and pick "Set ringtone" (the entry with a bell ...


Surprisingly, the analogous trick doesn't work with alarm tones. I added an alarm tone to /sdcard/Alarms but the alarm clock app doesn't notice it or add it to the list of available alarms on my Nexus 5x. (To be sure my Samsung audio clip was OK, I tested it by putting it into the /sdecard/Ringtones folder, where it works as described here by others.) ...

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