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There should be problem with your internet settings or ROM. Goto 'settings' > Sim settings Check the default sim for mobile data. Try the following steps: Go to Settings > Mobile data > APN In that Tap the Menu and Select 'Reset Default'(or similar option). By doing this your android phone will automatically download latest internet settings from the ...


Usually MMS are sent/received via GPRS connection.Get the GPRS and MMS settings one again from your carrier.Try to Set your default carrier to MMS. Now if you turn on mobile data it will not connect to internet.


In India, The Official partner of Sprint in India are MTS(For CDMA/800) and Bharthi Airtel,Aircel for GSM(900,1800). Since you are using CDMA,MTS(Sprint partner) supports basic 1x data. and MTS will only work when you are in Main cities in India. :( http://www.sprint.com/popups/pop-gprsCarriers.html


This was a big annoying factor for me and i eventually solved it. But it does require Xposed (which needs root) if you have root and Xposed you can install XphonePlus and can disable the data warning and mod the phone's notifications for calls, mobile data and many more. but if you are not rooted then i got no idea :/

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