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The size of more than a gigabyte is true. I also flashed the official ROM of this device a short while ago. As already explained, this is caused in the difference between the very light CyanogenMod Rom (about i think 60 apps preinstalled) and the heavy, overloaded Samsung Touchwiz Rom (about 300 apps preinstalled). For official samsung roms / firmwares i ...


Most phones with locked bootloaders with prevent this as they need a custom recovery such as CWM or TWRP to flash a custom rom which cant be installed unless you unlock the bootloader and root your device.


Generally speaking, you can't. A locked bootloader prevents flashing. On some devices you might be able to gain root temporarily while the device is running, and could "live" flash a ROM. Some bootloaders will refuse to boot the device at all at that point, whereas others will let you proceed after trying and failing to restore the original. (Or, if you ...

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