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Unfortunately, Android has switched to the newer MTP/PTP protocols, so no, regular "mass storage mode" can't be enabled. (That is unless there's a ROM hack I haven't found.) Source: A post from 2013 confirming it's not a thing anymore.


Don't do update. Do a command in the following syntax: fastboot flash [system/recovery/boot] /path/to/recovery/image.img Example: fastboot flash recovery /mnt/sdcard/Download/twrp.img I HIGHLY recommend not flashinv images to system or boot partitions without a custom rom first. You should only flash recoveries via fastboot.


I had the same problem here: archive does not contain android-info.txt. Tried google but can't find anything. Finally I copied the to my devices sdcard and "applied update from sdcard" – that worked.


The Term Rooting in android means to gain super user access(Administrator access) for which root access is requires as the su binary should be installed to /system partition. This is usually done via a Recovery.Every android phone have a in-built recovery which can generally only flash OTA updates and ROM's provided by the device’s manufacturer. So a ...


Root - means having "superuser" or administrator access to the OS. Bootloader unlock - means allowing the device to boot a custom OS. Custom recovery - allows you to make a complete backup of the internal storage as well as flash ZIPs. ROM installation - is actual process of installing a custom OS.


The main difference is that the single file doesn't Factory Reset the phone after flashing, but the 4 file firmware does factory reset and remove absolutely everything and make it like an out of the box phone. The 4 files are called Binary Firmware which contains all the files in certain order: Bootloader contains all the boot files AP contains all the ...


The single file which you can flash (I presume you are using Odin) contains all the files required for your firmware upgrade- which you place in PDA option of Odin If you want to upgrade the firmware selectively, you would use one of the four files mentioned: Bootloader file- not normally done for stock, mostly used for compatibility issues in version ...

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