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If the phone is unlocked, then go ahead. It wouldn't matter which carrier that firmware belongs to. As long as it's stock, then you can flash it with no worries.


Well that took quite a bit of work. In the end I was able to get the custom firmware for the Hudl mentioned on the MoDaCo forum. After that the difficulty was getting the USB Drivers up and running to get the Hudl happy as an MTP device. I think this is how it went... Enable Developer Settings & USB Debugging - This Hudl is an Android 4.2.2 device so ...


Izzy opined it correctly here that the only sensible place for having factory home screen layout is the launcher's APK itself. Since I don't own a Lenovo device let alone your specific model I used my MTK device running stock 4.2.1 as the testing ground. It has stock launcher (com.android.launcher). About that thing called factory home screen layout -- ...


It may be problem by the rom clear the data clear dalvik cache reinstall ROM This may help cause you may have directly the ROM without clearing data Footnote: Though in Android 5, Dalvik was replaced by ART, parts of the Dalvik stuff are still used (/data/dalvik-cache/arm/*; also see e.g. Should Dalvik Cache be wiped in ART). While in the end, ...

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