What is "root"?

Basically, root is the user with the id 0, the "first citizen", the only one with full permissions to everything on the OS level of Unix/Linux systems. Hence, it is the "Administrative Account" -- which on the named Unix/Linux systems is acessible by default (even if not always directly).

Android bases on Linux (it runs on top of a Linux kernel). But as the devices ship, their "root" accounts are usually not accessible (to save the manufacturers/services from the requests of "noobs" having used the root-powers inadequatly and broken their system, e.g. by uninstalling core apps). The process of gaining root access to your device is called .

So what is this tag about, when should I use it?

This tag is not intended to show-off: "Hey, I've got root on my device!" -- but rather to indicate "My issue is connected with root". You need not specify it when other tags already make this clear: e.g. would imply root, as the Link2SD app does not work without root access. Same applies for , and most likely several other tags.

Related tags

  • : for questions about how to get your device rooted
  • : for questions on reverting the 'rooting' process (which might be neccessary e.g. if you need to turn in your device to a repair-service)
  • : an app to manage which other apps will be granted root permissions. An alternative is the SuperSU app.

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