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There are a few advantages to rooting using the official process. It's officially supported on many phones. This means you can use a process that's documented by the manufacturer, and tools from an official source, or a trustworthy third party (CWM or TWRP), instead of having to run a tool that you got from some dodgy website. Because it's officially ...


Thanks to AndrewT who posted a link on chat, having this research paper as a refernce in one of the answers. This answer is entirely based on the this paper (May 2015) and highlights common user understandable aspects ( it has a lot of security related material for those interested) What are the pros and cons apart from above? If a device has ...


KingRoot is a possible option - it is a one-click root app which is reasonably easy to use and works for Android versions up to 5.1 on most devices - it has been known to work with the OP's device too. Do note that KingRoot installs some bloat apps on the device - but those can easily be removed (uninstalled) as they are not system apps.

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