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These apps won't work with custom ROM's, as they are designed to be run with the Samsung software, and require libraries etc from the Samsung software.


I have seen a similar issue trying to sync S Note's between a Galaxy Note 3 (smartphone) and a Galaxy Note 10.1 (as well as to a Galaxy Note 2). The issue seems to be in the version of S Note running on Android 4.3. On my Note 3, S Note saves the files as .spd files in a Snotedata folder. On the Galaxy 10.1 the S Note documents are as .snb files in the "S ...


As far as I know it is (still) not possible. You can now "zoom" the canvas which might suit your purposes. The original physical extents of the canvas remain. As an alternative, I highly recommend Squid (formerly named "Papyrus". I have looked for apps specifically for an "infinite" canvas and find Squid quite suitable. My only beef with Squid is that ...

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