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This happens to myself, you would have to turn the device off several times whilst your USB is connected and just wait for it to stay turned off, once its turned off it will not turn back on unless upon reconnection. It's a very old phone and is not a good phone so this is why it's like this. I wish there was a better resolution myself but after browsing the ...


I don't think Gingerbread has a built in gmail widget but take a look on the Google Play store. I found an example: "Gmail Inbox Widget" that is compatible with gingerbread and there may be others. You could set up gmail in the default mail app and use it's widget but that sounds like a horrible work around to me. Aqua Mail - email app Says it's compatible ...


Try tapping on the name of the folder when the folder is open (in this case "Folder"). You may have to do a long-press .


If you see the superuser icon then your phone is rooted. See this post to know what to do after root:I've rooted my phone. Now what? What do I gain from rooting?

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