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I have experienced the same issue on my Galaxy S2(Android version 2.3.5). It was cause by Youtube, not the call app. When I saw the log related to youtube, I tried to start youtube by touching its icon, but it failed to start. You can try to see if you can start youtube now. Then I went to "Settings/Application/Manage Applications" and found "Youtube". ...


Minitool Partition Magic did not work for me. Instead, I formatted and partitioned the card directly through adb in CWM recovery using this guide on xda-developers forums. Am using Link2SD (similar to App2SD) fine now on CM 11 KitKat 4.4.2


I had the same problem. Use minitool partition magic and set your card partition to primary partition. Apply changes and that's it.


You dont have to move the apps to sd card. Just select your apps in link2sd and then from menu select create link option. It will link your apps to sd card (ext2 partition) and not fat32.


I installed stock 2.3.3 ROM and now everything is fine...I will back it up, and then try experimenting with some newer ROMs :) Thanks for all the responses!


You need to use Link2SD to actually move the app to the second partition. If you simply use the built-in Android way of moving it to the SD card, then you aren't taking advantage of Link2SD at all. In Link2SD, you can select apps and move them to the second partition. You can even set it up so that any new apps installed will automatically be moved over. ...

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