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I faced the same problem, but I found a solution from another sd that was successful as follows: -I partioned the sd card using minitool to one fat32 and one ext2 -I made both of them primary -I made both of them non-active It works like a charm!!!! Phone models tried on: Samsung ace duos gt s6821 Hawei y625-u32 Sony ???


Go to Settings ==> Wireless & network settings ==> Mobile networks ==> Network Mode Its going to open another window with title as Preferred network mode. Now try to Select WCDMA only option. Wait for 10 sec. We can see the network is getting reset and try to find the 3G signal. Now open the same pop up again and select GSM(Edge or 2G) connection. Now ...


problem happens when 2-step verification enabled to google account. to solve this first of all disable 2-step verification method if possible, then try to do so- on username write as username@gmail.com make sure your password is correct (maybe) see https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps

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