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This is just a workaround, but one that worked for me: Use an Android file manager such as AndroXplorer to rename the video files. When I did this, they appeared for me in Windows Explorer and I could copy them as usual.


The process error you are getting is android.process.media The clue is in the media part. You should go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Then make sure you look under the ALL tab. It is MEDIA what you are looking for. Clear the data and cache for this one. Then Force-stop it and restart your device. When it restarts, it should ...


As far as I know, your device is not that hard bricked, that you can't boot into the bootloader (fastboot mode). so at every time you should be able to install a custom recovery via fastboot flash recovery recovery.img. if you are in recovery mode with a working recovery, you can do a factory reset (reflash the system, root,... partitions from a protected ...


If I had to just guess from the discribed simptoms I'd say it's the kernal or hang-time during normal boot of loading the SD card. The state you're discribing is known as a "soft brick" and "boot loop" among seasoned Android SuperUsers; try the quoted terms along with your device's name in a google search to find other users of your device model that have ...

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