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Reflash it with PC using UniFlash Visit here: http://www.addictivetips.com/android/uniflash-for-android/ There are also many solutions available on google for reflashing without turning on the device or with a PC. And if this is due to hardware problem likebif the display is gone, then you should think about going to the care.


PhilZ is a CWM based recovery with touch support. I used that one. It even has signed zips, so you can flash it Form stock recovery.


It worked for the Nightowl ROM. Now the device just identifies as a GT-N7000. I reporter this to the developer and he added the info to the OP.


Try holding the power and volume up simultaneously for about 5 minutes then stick the USB side of the charger into your system. It worked on a galaxy pad 3 I had.

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