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It is simple to remove on-screen keyboard when you have bluetooth keyboard. 간단하게 화면 키보드를 없애는 방법 To remove on-screen keyboard, follow 5 simple steps. 다음의 다섯가지 단계를 따라 한다. Go to "Settings"(환경설정으로 간다) Selecvt "Language and Input"(언어 및 입력을 선택) Select "Default Samsung keyboard" under "Keyboards and input methods"(기본 삼성 키보드 선택) section Turn off "Use on-screen ...


Flash the NF2 modem, I had the exact same use with no imei / baseband http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2649176 CP_N9005XXUFNF2.tar.md5 is the file you want

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