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User1504... Was on the right track kinda. If you can remove you're battery this solution worked for my s3 with a broken pwoer button. Remove battery or turn off device some how (can use adb I believe. If you need some help with that lmk) if completely dead let it charge for a bit (5% ish maybe more) then unplug it and continue Insert battery if you removed ...


plug into charger or computer while u press power button + vol down + home when the os screen comes up is will ask you if you want to continue press vol or exit press vol down you press vol down to exit phone will boot up


The Android for Work app only works with 3rd party EMM solutions. It doesn't work with Google's own EMM which is kind of stupid. As far as I can tell, if you device isn't on the list of supported devices you cannot manage application installs with Google Apps EMM. You can only do things like enforce password policies etc.

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