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Sometimes the alarm does not have a sound track set to play. (Happens to me frequently). Make sure the alarm has a track set.


Settings > About Device > scroll down and tap on build number until you unlock dev options. Then hit back. Click on dev options and the built in CPU monitor should be in there. But that's just the overlay. Hope this helps. Otherwise, download a 3rd party one from the play store.


Jig or ADB. Not sure if ADB would work though, if you can't hardly turn on the device. I would consider trying it first, because it's easy and you have nothing but some time to lose, but I'll bet you'll end up using a jig (can be made or bought).


Samsung devices can usually be forced into download mode using a JIG. They are pretty simple and cheap to make. If your device has been soft-bricked this will almost always work. http://www.xda-developers.com/need-a-samsung-usb-jig-build-your-own/


This has happened to me on my Samsung Note 4 just recently under similar circumstances. I don't cross timezone and it had nothing to do with a time change because none happened. I'm also using Lollipop 5.0.1 so it doesn't appear to be an OS issue. Mine was in the Google Calendar, not the phone's default one also. It did seem that it shifted after I ...

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