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me thinks it can be done because a Virgin Mobile phone rep told me that I could use a Verizon Note 3(Verizon 4G LTE phones are unlocked) but wouldn't you just know when I got the Note 3 and went to activate on Virgin Mobile I was shot down! AND I have a friend that has an old sim from Virgin Mobile and when she put that sim in the Verizon Note 3? In the ...


Switching to any other keyboard application as the default should solve this problem, for example SwiftKey. The shortcut exists in the Samsung keyboard and is not possible to turn off.


This answer is credited to user abhioxic, who came up with the solution in a comment. Clearing the cache and data from the Clock app resolved the issue. After clearing the cache and data, the old alarms were removed (data loss) but new alarms ring properly.


Yo can change your phone's alarm ringtone by a new one or you can set the default ringtone for your alarm.


I have an app installed AudioGuru https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jupiterapps.audioguru&hl=en With it I can set various volumes. Alarm, media, phone/voice, etc. Maybe it can help.

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