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As my old electronics teacher told me, check the power then the physical connections before doing anything else....I have spent 3 hours trying various fixes on my phone, all to no avail. was working fine, then around the time of the most recent update it failed to connect (Hence software fixes searched for first). I finally thought I would try to clean the ...


Officially, 128GB Card is supported for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and onwards devices in Samsung releases. But technically, SanDisk’s 128GB card should work in any device that supports the MicroSDXC standard (buy/use at own risk). Check out list of supported devices. You can also verify your device at official SanDisk website here. What if it shows an error ? ...


If you've got access to a terminal on your phone (I guess that requires being rooted), then you can also run ip neigh show dev wlan0 to see what's in the ARP tables. That should tell you the MAC addresses and IP addresses of everything connected.

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