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Note: Keep in mind, Samsung Galaxy S2 has infamous Superbrick bug. Every flash can result in permanent brick (only board changing or maybe JTAG unit can recover device). You can learn more about it here. Note2 : Last resort to enter Download mode is to get USB JIG. There is plenty of this on Internet and it's very cheap. Also there is tutorials on Internet ...


OK, so for question #1 Try to get into recovery mode and then wipe cache partition and dalvik cache - that should help. As I remember, stock recovery is capable of doing that kind of basic things (if I'm wrong - correct me). Basically, you can get to recovery by holding volume down and power button while your phone is off, then release the power button ...


If you log on to android device manager, you can send a lock request, allowing you to change the password. Just be sure to change it after! As a alternative, keep getting it wrong until "forgot password?" and login in via google. It will then let you reset the password

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