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To make it abundantly clear, since I had this exact same problem, you must unzip and zip the package back up using the same method used to create the zip file, which uses no compression(!). In my case, I was on linux, and used ubuntu's Archive Manager application to view the contents of the archive. I then found the file causing the issue in ...


There's no hardware issue. It has a software issue. Problem can be solved in this way Install an anti-virus software on mobile. I recommend AVG. Scan device and delete threats apps. Problem solved


Try the extra battery when you get it but in the meantime look up how to calibrate your battery with or without root (depending on your setup (if you don't know what root is you probably don't have it and it's probably not worth messing around with) . There is an app on the play store called battery calibration pro that should work without root. Also try ...


After wiping the cache from recovery and waiting a while, the phone booted up and I was able to uninstall Hearthstone.


The problem is that your tablet needs to recognize your charger as a charger that can provide 2A. But only a Samsung charger will provide the right signal. Any other USB power source will limited to 0.5A. The result is that you need to get an original charger from Samsung. See more explanation in my answer at How much power does a Galaxy Tab 10.1 charger ...


this worked for me and judging from the response it has worked for many people http://www.askmefast.com/Why_wont_my_samsung_galaxy_note_charge_i_have_tried_numerous_chargers_and_it_still_wont_charge-qna4057479.html#q2672974


Do you have a screen protector or is the light sensor dirty or obstructed? This is how i fixed mine!!! My phone did the same thing. Screen would go black when making or receiving calls. Audio still worked but the phone was inoperable in every other way during this malfunction. i realized those little sensors were dirty and partially blocked, after cleaning ...

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