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I finally got a solution to "no service " after installing cyanogenmod 7 on HTC incredible 2. the ans is simple and est and does not have anything to do with flashing radios, reinstalling rom. simply turn the phone of and remove ye battery to take out yr sim card and switch it bak on without the sim. in it. after it has finished rebooting, make sure the ...


I am not familiar with Linux, but have a suggestion. Flash the stock ROM - downloadable from sammobile.com (requires creating a free account) - with Odin and then flash recovery followed by the ROM you need. Odin being Samsung recommended and made by them may help. This thread should help with (flashing via) Odin.


you should try this: Webeecam Free-USB Web Camera This android application displays/records video and captures images from a USB UVC camera that is connected to Android phone or tablet device. This a free trial version so you can check if it works.


You have rebooted to Download Mode by mistake. You needed to reboot to recovery mode. To do that, follow these steps: Press the Power button until the phone reboots normally. Switch off the phone as normal. When the phone has been switched off, press Power and Volume Up together until the Samsung logo displays, then release. Alternative: Reboot to ...

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