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Guess what I was running out of time and did factory reset again and din't do any of things told like clearing cache, data for market this time and within 15 minutes market got updated to Play store. Only change is I connected it over data than over wifi to internet.


In my case, I needed a cross-platform solution since I use Linux. Here's what worked for me: Back everything up. This will wipe everything on the phone, including the internal SD card. Download: A PIT file you want to flash. I used this one, which resizes /system from 512 MB to 1 GB and /data from 2 GB to 6 GB Any compatible recovery. I used this one ...


Well have samsung phones have this bug in which you go to boot loop in almost every reboot session. I also faced so i luckly have an solution and see if it works. Just turn off the phone completely , remove battery and wait for a minute or two put the battery back in and start the phone. this started my phone correctly as it was previously stuck on black ...

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