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If you use TrueCaller, the phone has to do a query on the internet connection, download the caller details, and then start ringing. That would take a few seconds on a weak mobile internet connection.


This gogorapid link provides some things to try. Check if the issue is fixed after each of these. Remove the battery from your phone for 30 seconds and then re-insert it before powering the device back on. Use an app such as Smart Voice Recorder to record a short audio clip. Then replay the clip. If you can hear the sound clearly, it means that the ...


The Android phone must be fully charged (100%) and charging in order to encrypt your phone. The button will change dark when your phone is fully charged and charging. There is now a notification text about the thing in the Android 6.x. It also says that the encryption may take one hour and more.


Using Odin, I'd reflash the original official rom for your device (you can download from, this is to restore the original partitions. I'd format all current partitions in recovery, check your mounts that they all are unmounted. The system partition should be mounted before formating (I usually mount everything then format all). Reboot into ...

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