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/proc/config.gz (and consequently .config), a file containing all needed flags for the Linux kernel building process, can only be found if the kernel maker / your device manufacturer explicitly enabled config.gz availability when the Linux kernel was being built. So if it's not present in /proc, you'd have to either do a trial-and-error, get help from ...


AwesomePlayer is the built-in media player, part of Android's media playback engine. It's also referred to as the Stagefright player. You may be seeing the player's entries in the log while not playing any music or videos, because it handles all media playback, including ringtones and notification sounds.


Without a volume-down key, you can't: go into recovery mode/download mode without a PC reduce the volume (duh) select options in CWM take screenshots in AOSP-based ROMs Possible workarounds, by order of mention above: use adb reboot recovery / adb reboot bootloader, as said in the comments use a USB jig to force the phone to boot into Download Mode go ...


You can identify the app responsible by long-tapping the notification and clicking "App info" on the pop-up menu.


There are many options for custom ROMS, even for "older" phones such as the S3. Personally I would recommend Paranoid Android ROM as it's very "Googley". I run it on my HTC One X and it's very good. You can get started with that by looking on the XDA community for that device. Unfortunately, you will have to wipe your apps and data, but if you are rooted ...


I found this thread: http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-galaxy-s-iii/297744-calendar-event-how-add-bridge-numbers-easy-dial.html It looks like you can make a contact with a complex dialing code and then link to that contact as an attendee on the calendar event. Then click the attendee link to dial the number.

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