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I'm very sorry for what happened, but there isn't much that can be done. You can only get your photos back if you had backed them up. Try to remember if you had copied them to your PC, pendrive or CD. Or if you had shared it with someone who might still have them. If you had shared it in apps like hangouts then they will be backed up by google+ photos. ...


A private number is that when the caller holds back his phone number with the help of the service provider and the service provider doesn't send the Caller ID information to the call receiver then it considered a "Private Number". To activate the feature , Open Dialer > 3 dots > Settings > Call Settings -> Sim related call settings > Additional ...


Not sure about the Galaxy S3, but my S5 has the option to disable just the calls. Open the Dialer → Settings → Call → Call → Rejection → Auto rejection mode →All incoming calls.

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