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You can usually copy the data for user apps without issue, but there is no guarantee. I wouldn't copy the /data/data/ folder wholesale, since it will include system app data and provides no way to easily manage it. I recommend Titanium Backup instead. With root, it allows you to easily backup any subset of apps (such as user apps) that you wish, and then ...


You can use clean master to free up your space. In particular, to delete your thumbnails, follow these steps: Install clean master on your phone. Open it and click on "start". Tap "advanced" on the right top. Wait for the app section to load, then tap "gallery". Tap "Gallery thumbnails". Select all items by checking the box on the top right. Tap "clean". ...


You can try using an app like Es File Explorer It has a SD Card Analyze tool, which will help you analyze the total space used and give you options to clear some space by deleting unused files, temp file etc. For the issue with thumbnails, take a backup of all your photos on Google Photos.. then delete all the thumbnails.. deleting thumbnails will not ...


This link shows the exact clicks for factory reset without a screen:

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