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You can usually copy the data for user apps without issue, but there is no guarantee. I wouldn't copy the /data/data/ folder wholesale, since it will include system app data and provides no way to easily manage it. I recommend Titanium Backup instead. With root, it allows you to easily backup any subset of apps (such as user apps) that you wish, and then ...


Just download 3rd party text messaging app "Textra", make that app as default messaging app ann reboot the phone, then all the messages will be shown. Just delete all the messages from that app and issue will be sorted out.


There are two sources for reading the battery capacity From the battery files From the ROM I learnt this when I saw a similar but smaller discrepancy on my new phone using 3c Toolbox and the developer clarified this on mail. To quote from 3C Toolbox developer mail In Android, one can get the stock hard-coded battery capacity from battery profiles, an ...


In correct album art If you are seeing the cover of another album with a similar or the same name check that you have the album artist tag filled appropriately for each album, some players can't handle such files correctly without this tag. As already mentioned check for embedded album art and be consistent use either embedded album art or AlbumArt.jpg. ...


After you go to the web portal, follow the steps below: On the My KNOX User Portal, Click on Devices and select your device. Click on Reset KNOX Password. Launch your My KNOX if you aren't inside it already. Enter your new unlock code; tap Continue. Enter your unlock code again; tap Confirm. To manage My KNOX | Samsung KNOX › ...


I went through every item under data usage to check for restrictions. For me it was Exchange Services that was restricted. Solved. Thanks.


It sounds like malware has sneaked into your phone's system area (possibly via the "root manager" app you installed.) System area does not get touched during factory reset, which is why the apps are still there. The /system partition is usually write-protected by default, but root privileges allow apps to write there as well. The best way to get rid of ...


just visit this link, it's worked for me In summary: root your phone and install Xposed Framework and then the Xposed Additions module. From that module you can intercept the volume up key and make it take a screenshot.

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