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The Galaxy S7 uses MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) which is not natively supported in Windows XP. You need to install Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit to enable Windows XP to use MPT.


The small house icon is an indicator that you're connected to a Verizon Network Extender. Click to enlarge source:androidcentral They are primarily used for people that want to have Verizon Wireless service in their house, but there is no or very little network coverage in their area. They purchase the Network Extenders that hook up to their ...


As devnul3 says, a power-only cable is a USB cable where the data pins are not connected. The main reason they exist is because they can be made ever so slightly cheaper by virtue of only needing 2 connections instead of 4 (and also because you don't need to worry about preserving the quality of the very high frequency signals on the data lines). This said,...


Press and hold the power button, sometimes it takes 10 seconds but it will force shutdown eventually. After that, find what key combo boots it up in recovery mode, and find Wipe data or Factory reset and select it. This will wipe all your data but since you cant get to it anyway it doesnt matter. This will also clear any patterns you have set earlier.

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