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You mentioned that you are rooted, just try editing your build.prop file with Internet tweaks. It might help. You can get various build.prop tweaks here. Have a look.. Collection of build.prop tweaks Relevant tweaks (11 and 12) for better 3g/internet speeds from the link: Signal (3G) tweaks Code: ro.ril.hsxpa=2 ro.ril.gprsclass=10 ro.ril.hep=1 ...


I would suggest install a app to read the detailed info. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidyou.simcardinfo&hl=en if it says unknown, it basically means it can't read the sim


Till i understand, factory reset will completely erase all data which includes all settings also. So are you sure you have factory reset your device? As mentioned here if you have USB debugging ON on your device you can follow this steps to disable lock:- How to Disable Pattern Lock via ADB You must have previously enable USB Debugging (Settings -> ...


I found only one app to reboot WITHOUT root. Real Reboot On my phone (Nexus 4) that is working, but only if you do not have the newest Android OS.


As far as I understood your flash process interrupted and normally you are afraid to restart the device but the key point in here is you dont change "download mode" with flash process. Dont be afraid. Feel free to close the device and reopen download mode with Volume Down + Home + Power, Use ODIN properly this time.

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