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try to remove the battery and leave for 10minutes before replacing. This will allow any residual memory in your phone to leak and give a cleaner network link.


use DRONY app...no root required...before opening DRONY app, change the hostname and port in wifi settings(modify network), to hostname: localhost port: 8080, the open DRONY, and put in your actual wifi proxy hostname, port, username, and password...


Download iRoot to your PC, supports alot of devices. Make sure you have the latest Samsung USb drivers for mobile devices. Enable USB debugging on target device, high quality usb cable.Connect device to PC, run iRoot, wait for iRoot todetact your device and finally click Root, wait for a couple os seconds and device is rooted!


As I've pointed out in my comment on your question, this rather is an XY problem – your real issue is to delete that app. That's what safe-mode is intended for. You can find a detailed tutorial at HowToGeek, describing how to enter safe-mode, and what steps to take from there. I'll try to sum it up in a short list here: Usually you'll find an option to ...

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