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Well, for me it started the download process, and then Kies said it could not recognise the phone, and disconnected it - but the phone (A Galaxy S) was still in the "downloading, do not turn off" screen. No other recovery other than to restart with battery reset. Fingers crossed... Well it booted at least. On thing to consider would be to force Kies to run ...


its simple, you would lose all the data in the phone memory. All the apps you installed would be gone. plus, the messages from the inbox would also be wiped.


TL;DR Everything will be erased. Explination While each device may handle a factory reset differently, they are meant to do just that, return the device to how it was when it came from the factory. This usually means deleting all data on the device, including apps, musics, photos, downloads, etc. Some device may not automatically erase an SD card, instead ...


I have an HTC Desire which had the same problem. A simple reboot did not solve the problem but when I shut it down, removed the battery, reinserted the battery after waiting about 10 minutes and then restarting the phone the problem was corrected. My problem affected gallery and all the browsers. I presume they all use the same engine for displaying video.

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