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In theory, your phone should perform considerably faster with CyanogenMod 11, because KitKat was designed with entry/mid-level phones in mind; requiring only 512 MB of RAM to run. (See this page about Project Svelte for more information.) CyanogenMod also adds a whole slew of features like Heads Up Notifications and Privacy Guard on top of the AOSP code, so ...


Never do that. Perhaps it helps to increase your speed but it consumes much more power. If performance in CPU increases, undoubtedly,the power usage will increase dramatically. Try to keep your factory ROM and looking for some good free app in the market for increasing the speed.


I know it's too late. but I just had the same problem. I tried to connect my android phone LG Google Nexus 4 with my Macbook pro. In USB computer connection only "Camera (PTP)" was working but Connect as Media device (MTP) to copy files from Android phone's memory nothing was visible in the mac. And I got it solved from the following URL ...


The Samsing Galaxy S series has a virtual surround, not a true surround. Therefore there is no way to get multichannel audio out of the device, only analog stereo. Source: Phandroid, Unleashthephones, Intomobile


Generally, official over-the-air (OTA) updates from Google/carriers/manufacturers will not install on rooted devices, especially if you've changed something on the /system partition. The update usually checks if the device is in a given state, and won't proceed with installation if it detects tampering. If you want to accept the OTA update, you will first ...

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