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Try to install drivers and switch on developer mode. You will get a better view


This solution is for those who will face the same problem: To fix same problem on my S4 mini I've tried: Numerous PCs and USB cables USB debugging (& Stay awake & Unknown sources) checked and unchecked Unmounted & remounted SD card Asking the PC to look for new hardware Removed and re-installed PC drivers Dial *#7284# or *#0808# and set MTP+ADB ...


There is a log of "apply update.zip" function on cache partition. You can check what went wrong there. But it would come down to three possibilities: the update.zip is broken, not compatible, or signature failure Looks like you have custom recovery, so the signature failure shouldn't be your case. It would happen if you'll try to do "apply update.zip" of ...


This is a common problem with the Play Store. Give it a few hours and try again. It should eventually come good. :)

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