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There are multiple things for you to check out: our insufficient-memory tag-wiki gives you some general information, background, and first aid on the storage problem our app2sd tag-wiki will let you know about moving apps to your shiny new SD card your camera app will certainly have an option to tell it where to save new photos/videos – set that to your ...


I've solved the problem of using other chargers with GT. Like Apple, Samsung used a little trick with their chargers. To charge your GT with any usb charger you have to make a little adapter. Usb pinout: gnd d- d+ 5v To work you must short d+ and d-. From 5v use a 33k resistor to d+/d-. From gnd use a 10k resistor to d+/d-. If you have multimeter you ...


I was stuck like you this might help I suggest getting a recent copy of twrp that is flashable with Odin This link will definitely be helpful.


I worked it out. It also works on a tab 3. My sister has one and I tried it. It work I hope it helps http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9sVKxzh4p8Y that is the link to the video

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