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You can check the scrollscreenshot tool: https://github.com/PGSSoft/scrollscreenshot It makes multiple screenshots and simulates drag events to scroll content between each screenshot, then join all images into one. Disclaimer: I'm author of this tool, it was published by my employer. Feature requests are welcome.


download the required firmware bundle here install Kies, or Samsung driver pack unzip the package, You'll get 3 *.tar (or tar.md5) files download Odin3 1.84 or 1.85 stop Kies stop all active ADB sessions start odin do backup of your data and apps charge your SGY at least 75% remove SGY from USB or charger start the device in Download mode power off Your SGY ...


Point 1: The error u have shown regarding cant mount **** has nothing to do with your phone bricking. Its just compilation errors in building CWM recovery (i blv this is the one u hv used) Point 2: Unbricking by use of Odin is by far the easiest way to get ur phone back and working. This link will help you if u follow it properly link Point 3: Regarding ...


There are several 'root checker' apps on Play Store which do nothing but check to see if your phone is rooted or not. The simplest thing to do would be to try one (or more) of those and find out whether or not the phone is rooted or if you just have a copy of the SuperSU app on the phone. Just because it is there doesn't necessarily mean your phone is ...

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