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The launcher on the Moto G is indeed almost identical to the stock Android Launcher - but not the Google Experience launcher that is seen on Nexus devices running Android 4.4+.


The actual hardware: No. It is System on Chip (SOC) and cannot be upgraded. However: You can use Swap for this purpose. However, the performace will take a large hit, even on a class 10 SD card. Swap is, in short, virtual RAM. With swap, a small portion of the hard drive is set aside and used like RAM. The computer will attempt to keep as much ...


download the required firmware bundle here install Kies, or Samsung driver pack unzip the package, You'll get 3 *.tar (or tar.md5) files download Odin3 1.84 or 1.85 stop Kies stop all active ADB sessions start odin do backup of your data and apps charge your SGY at least 75% remove SGY from USB or charger start the device in Download mode power off Your SGY ...


A USB connector has two pins for 5V and two for the data signal. Seems like the first are still connected while the latter are not. Have you tried another cable and restarted your PC? It's also possible that the phone's socket is damaged or has connectiviy problems. It's soldered onto the phone's logic board. Did you once drop it with the cable inserted?


You could always download Handcent and use its "Force Deletion" feature. I've seen that work for many others. But depending on how many SMS you have, you will need to let it sit for a while.


As your device is stock, something likely became corrupted in the file system and a factory reset is about your only option. You will lose all your data, unless your phone will still communicate with a computer. If so, you may be able to use Kies to back up your data from the phone first. To factory reset: Enter recovery Power off the device. Press and ...


Actually galaxy y default player doesn't support much formats. Check which format it is. Then try downloading the player which supports the format.For eg: if it is 3gp format videos you will need 3gp player.

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