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I have just experienced same kind of problem for my Samsung Galaxy S3-SGH i747. I overcome this issue by: Go to dial pad & type *#0808# It displays USB settings Select MTP+ADB option Press OK button Connect to USB cable to PC It shows Connected as a media device.


Quoting from my commnets, Well, As I already pointed you can use your preinstaled Google Drive or Goolge Plus app for backing up your photos. Or you can use other cloud photo backup apps from the Play Store like G Cloud Backup, CM Backup or Dropbox etc. Also look for other cloud photo backup apps in google play store. Later you can do the sorting ...


It is definitely possible to move apps to the SD card and still have them working perfectly (widgets and services included) via Link2SD. EDIT: Using this method requires root access on your phone and also needs your SD card to be formatted to have a second partition on it. In order to avoid redundantly posting the answer again over here, I'll just drop a ...

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