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the problem is that you have bricked your phone. fortunately for you, its just a soft brick and not hard brick. phones can be repaired from soft brick. run "emergency firmware recovery" option in kies. it will work. run revcovery using the same pc. if you cannot run from same pc, get the recovery code from that pc and use the that code to run recovery from ...


DON'T use the phone until you try this You can retrieve the files you deleted. Those files are still in the memory of your phone just not visible, the data is waiting to be written over by new data. So from now on don't use the phone to take any more pics, to save anymore data, music, or installing any apps until recover has been done. The extensions of the ...


No, Kies doesn't backup hidden items over the gallery, the hidden pictures are now lost.


Download a n900-cwm-recovery- Open Odin Add the file from step #1 and click start WAIT TILL PASS##

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