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This is how it worked on my rooted Note 4: install "ROM Toolbox Pro" and go to "root filemanager" browse to root->system->build.prop open "build.prop" with text-editor and edit the last three letters of this line: "ro.product.name=" (example: "ro.product.name=trltexx" to "ro.product.name=trltvzw") save and restart.


The launcher usually is considered to be the homescreens and app drawer, and they come in all sorts of flavors and designs. When you hear people talk about "stock" Android, this usually is what they're referring to -- homescreens and app drawer unchanged from what Google includes in the open-sourced code.


A launcher, in simple terms, is an interface for your home screen; it determines the appearance of it, if you like. If you were to install a 3rd party launcher (Nova is quite common), it would not run on TouchWiz, nor would it uninstall it. If you do install a new launcher and want to go back to using TouchWiz, it's just a simple matter of tweaking a few ...

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