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TouchWiz Launcher can be replaced with any other launcher to your liking from Google Play Store. If you plan on removing TouchWiz altogether, I suggest flashing a custom ROM specific to your device. See this article here for details on flashing your phone.


If it is the launcher that you don't like the look of, install a launcher from Google Play. Or if the whole UI is not what you like then install a custom android rom, like CyanogenMod


Did you try to install Samsung Kies on your PC? Try to download it, connect your device and click the Backup/reset tab, and then click "Data backup". The easiest way it factory reset. If you have any private data who you don't want to loose say what sort is it, there are numerous ways to backup them.


A private number is that when the caller holds back his phone number with the help of the service provider and the service provider doesn't send the Caller ID information to the call receiver then it considered a "Private Number". To activate the feature , Open Dialer > 3 dots > Settings > Call Settings -> Sim related call settings > Additional ...

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