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Open Wanam Xposed. Go to Theme → Background Color → You may give any HEX value.. Also Go to Theme → Panel Background → You may give any HEX value OR Transparent Panel Background. Also Change theme → Tile Pressed Color (scroll down to last ). Related subreddit - Some modding I did with my S5, thought I'd share with y'all ...


Based from a thread on Android Central, it's an icon from Peel Smart Remote app. uestraven recommended to disable the app to remove it. [...]. I just figured it out. It's Peel Smart Remote app. You have to disable it. It seems the icon was added on the latest update as IAmSixNine wrote, I updated the Peel Smart Remote app on my GS6 and after I ...


Make sure that your USB cable supports data transfer. Did you turned on 'Developer mode'?! Settings > About Phone > scroll to the bottom > tap Build number seven (7) times.


The folder belongs to the Pandora app. You probably don't want to remove it as it will be needed for the app to function. You can always remove the app and then delete the folder if you dislike it. Alternatively, you could ensure that your photos app doesn't show photos from that folder (/storage/emulated/0/bmwgroup/ if that's a ...


Have you ever used an emulator or something similar? If so, then these are those devices. You can hide them (, but it's very buggy Otherwise you can log out of all devices at once by going to gmail on a computer, scrolling down and on the left side there is a link to your account activity, from that ...


You can use Kies. If that's not an option you can download Playlist Backup and use it to back-up your playlist. This application allows you to export your audio playlists (both System, Poweramp and Google Play Music playlists) to sdcard or Dropbox. You can keep as many backups as you want for each playlist, but as metadata.


You can try third party kernels/ROMs which may enable that spectrum but the legality may be an issue depending on your location. It's possible it's still a hardware limitation but more likely is that it's a software limitation. You may have some luck fiddling with wpa_supplicant.conf per this post. As a hint, you need to look into wpa_supplicant.conf to ...


Mystery solved! Clicking the toggle does nothing. Clicking the text itself works, though. It looks like Samsung's devs have a click listener on the list item, but not the toggle switch itself.

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